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Very few people know what Irn-bru tastes like, and that’s what we’re here for today. Pronounced iron brew, this honey-colored drink has been loved for generations for its distinct flavor.

It’s a top-selling Scottish fizzy drink with a unique citrus flavor with a slight kick. The taste is so indescribable that most people can’t tell its original flavor! This carbonated soft drink is also known as a hangover cure as it contains 30 ml caffeine and 16 grams of sugar; it’s sure to defog your brain!

We bet you’re curious to find out more about Irn-Bru, so let’s dive right in and explore more about Scotland’s other national drink!

What Does Irn-Bru Taste Like?

Irn-Bru has a tutti-fruity flavor like a mix of orange, grapefruit, banana, and bubblegum.

It has acidic and bitter flavor notes, which give it a peculiar but yummy taste! We bet you’ve never sipped a soda-like Irn-bru before in your life, making it a must-try! Take one sip of this drink; you’ll keep going for more!

Irn-bru has an interesting creamy taste that’s similar to cream sodas but with an intense vanilla and citrus flavor with a hint of bitterness. It’s acerbic with sharp notes and metallic and rusty flavor notes. Some even go on to describe it as a carbonated cough syrup!

Interestingly, Irn-bru’s flavor is known to be controversial because it tastes different to everyone. While some find it tasting like water infused with bubblegum flavor, others don’t taste anything close to that! Some liken it to candy floss, marshmallow, and rhubarb, clearly showing that people can’t agree on one distinct flavor. Many people claim that it has a bitter and acidic banana flavor with a unique iron taste. Well, they’re not wrong! Irn-bru uses banana extract as a flavoring agent along with quinine that adds bitterness. It also has other ingredients that give it a slightly metallic flavor.

Irn Bru is also an excellent mixer. Many people love stirring it with whiskey, root beer, ginger ale, and even lemonade! That’s because it has a rich and sweet flavor of blackcurrant that goes well with other flavors!

Most people agree that although there is no single prominent flavor, it does have a strong taste of creamy bubble gum, banana, and orange. Some even find it to taste like sweetened Listerine! This bright orange drink tastes like a citrus soda with a bit of a kick from adding ginger!

While we already know about its popularity among the Scotts, Irn-Bru is rapidly winning acclaim in the United States! You’ll find it in most grocery stores in numerous flavors. While we recommend trying those, we suggest you mix Irn-bru with your favorite drink to create your unique soda.

Although most people find its deep blackcurrant flavor sweet, others find the drink a tad bit salty. You’ll only find out once you give it a shot! 

What Flavor is Irn-Bru?

Although Irn-Bru drink has no official flavor; it tastes like a combination of bitter and acidic flavor notes. You’ll find it tastes like a citrusy cream soda with hints of banana, blackcurrant, orange, and liquid bubble gum. But in all honesty, Irn-bru has an indescribable mystery flavor!

The brand describes it as a carbonated fruity-flavored soft drink with sugar. But, it’s also known to contain caffeine, quinine, and Ammonium Ferric Citrate. The secret recipe is not known, but it’s believed to be a mix of several different flavors.

In short, like Dr. Pepper and red bull, Irn-bru’s official flavor is a well-kept secret. 

Does Irn-Bru Taste Like Metal?

Yeah, Irn-Bru has rusty and metallic flavor notes. Some even describe the taste as similar to battery acid! This metallic flavor comes from iron hydroxide that may take some getting used to as Irn-bru is an acquired taste.

So, if you don’t like metallic and rusty flavors, you may want to stay away from irn-bru as it has a distinct iron and metal flavor. But luckily, the taste isn’t intensely overpowering as it’s subdued by banana, bubblegum, orange, and cream flavors! 

Is Irn-Bru Tasty?

Irn-bru is a tasty beverage with an unusual taste, which some love but others can’t stand. However, the taste is second to none, so the only way to find out is to try it!

The drink tastes pleasant when mixed with other fizzy or soft drinks, such as ginger ale or root beer. You can also mix it with whiskey for a delicious combo!

If you like beverages with a creamy and fruity flavor like orange and grapefruit, you may love Irn-bru! However, remember that it has a slight kick of ginger and an astringent taste. In addition, you may notice a bitter aftertaste. While I found it to taste pleasant, some find it a little salty and metallic!


Irn-bru is the kind of drink that may surprise you pleasantly with its delicious yet peculiar taste. Whether you like its color or not, give this drink a try to spice things up! Pour it over crushed ice to have it the traditional way. If you find the taste a bit too intense for your liking, you can mix it with other sodas or alcoholic beverages like whiskey or vodka!

While we tried explaining the taste of this unique beverage, next time you try Irn- bru, savor its flavor and let us know what you think it’s made up of!

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