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ChefTastes.com is a website dedicated to providing accurate, non-biased information about the tastes of various food items. We aim to test all the food items and reveal their taste to our audiences.

Here, you will find a collection of articles that revolves around flavors. If you are afraid to try out a recipe or food item, you can always cross-check with our taste description and take a decision.

Articles on our website are a combination of research and personal experiences to bring the best results to you.

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Bretty R Taylor is the sole author of Chef Tastes. She is a chef turned engineer who has a keen interest in trying different recipes. It was her passion for cooking that made her leave her career in engineering to try something different.

She founded ChefTastes.com to document her journey in the cooking arena. Her ultimate aim with this website is to let others know the flavor profiles of various food items.

Apart from cooking, she also spends her free time watching movies/series. She is a good photographer too.