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If you’re not from New England, you may wonder what lobster rolls taste like? Although a summer staple in Connecticut and Maine, few know about this unique yet delicious take on lobsters! 

Lobster rolls are an iconic North-American crustacean delicacy, partly because of the ease of preparation. These lip-smacking rolls comprise chunks of lobster meat, dollops of mayo, zippy lemon juice, and some crunchy celery stuffed inside a grilled hot dog bun!

We bet this description has your mouth watering already! Read through the article to learn more about lobster rolls, their taste, texture, and the most debated question: hot or cold?

What do lobster rolls taste like?

Lobster rolls are sandwiches stuffed with chunks of tender and sweet lobster meat dressed in a thin coat of mayo over a split, toasted dog bun. Another version of the same involves cooked lobster meat doused in clarified butter, giving a salty-sweet and strong lobster flavor. In some cases, you may find toppings, such as celery, onions, chives, and more! But, the classic version has minimal dressings and condiments so that the crustacean’s flavor is maintained.

The primary flavor of these rolls comes from the tender and flavorsome lobster meat, which includes flesh from the claw and tails. But, as you go on, layering overpowering sauces and condiments, the seafood flavor drowns a bit. That’s why most people prefer the Connecticut-style over Maine lobster rolls as mayo doesn’t augment the sweet and decadent flavor of the lobster.

Connecticut lobster rolls taste warm, comforting, and buttery; the warm hotdog bun allows the sweetness of the lobster to shine through. The crisp flavors also allow for more seasonal flexibility. On the other hand, Maine-style lobster rolls are perfect for a hot summer day, especially when you’re looking for something that tastes tangy, cold, and refreshing!

While there are plenty of ways to put together this delicious sandwich, we love the taste of scrumptious lobster tossed in a mayo mix. The burst of flavors and textural contrast that comes from the blend of tasteful ingredients make this sandwich a solid winner. The sweetness of the lobster meat complements the tanginess of the mayo, making this sandwich a perfect treat to have.

If you’d like to take the flavors up a notch, grill the lobster for a mouth-watering, smoky flavor. You may find this different from the classic method, but it adds plenty of flavors to the succulent lobster. You can also enhance the overall flavor by adding condiments like celery, spring onions, garlic salt, Cajun, and other spices.

Are lobster rolls hot or cold?

New Englanders have several versions of the lobster rolls and perhaps the most debated topic among them is which style is best: hot or cold?

The differences between the Maine-style lobster roll and the Connecticut lobster roll are the varying temperatures and condiments. The Connecticut-style lobster roll includes tender chunks of lobster meat drizzled in hot butter, served in steamed hotdog buns. On the other hand, Maine lobster rolls comprise a lobster salad-like concoction featuring lobster meat, tangy mayo, crunchy salary, and some seasoning. This mixture is then stuffed inside a buttered bun and served cold.

While both do a great job at showcasing sweet and savory flavors, the Maine lobster rolls, when served cold, preserve the crustacean’s natural salinity. So, if you want to taste the lobster’s salinity better, opt for the cold lobster rolls. But, if you want the true lobster flavors to come through without tasting a lot of seasoning, then hot lobster rolls are the way to go.

In either case, lobster rolls are a comforting and decadent food to have all year round! The delicately sweet lobster flavor works well with whatever you pair it with!


Lobster rolls make exceptional sandwiches because of the impeccable ingredients that taste delicious! Regardless of the ingredients you add, the sweet and delicate flavor of lobster easily shines through. 

The delicate meat doused in butter or mayo tastes scrumptious! With just a little flavor enhancement through a drizzle of lemon and a sprinkle of paprika, it becomes the star of the show!

There are several options, such as the Maine and Connecticut lobster rolls, both part of New England’s cuisine. The winner between the two depends on personal preference because while some like steaming hot lobster rolls, others like to have them cold.    

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