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Do you know what different seaweed chips and snacks taste like? If not, we’re here to help you get an idea of what to expect!

Seaweed snacks are widely available in the Asian aisle of most grocery stores. You can find a variety of flavors, including flaming hot, sriracha, wasabi, teriyaki, and more! Tossed with seasoning and different flavoring agents, seaweed snacks taste less fishy and more savory. These dried seaweed crisps have a crackly texture and salty-sweet taste that makes us want to snack on them for hours!

If you’re into crunchy green snacks, here’s what to expect in terms of taste and texture.   

What do seaweed chips taste like?

Seaweed chips sandwich seasonings and different flavors between sheets of roasted seaweed. The taste varies depending on what the seasoning is. For example, sea salt seaweed chips, such as Annie Chun’s, are light and airy crisps with an irresistibly delicious salty-savory taste. These guilt-free, green wafers have just the perfect sprinkle of sea salt that makes them easy to enjoy.

Snacks available in the original seaweed flavor have a distinct briny and umami flavor. They taste just like the ocean and have an intense saltiness, followed by a subtle hint of sweet. But, if that’s not your thing, you can look for other flavors that pack more of a punch.    

The almond and sesame crisps by Seapoint Farms have a delightful nutty and crunchy taste. The sweet and salty combination makes the treat worth enjoying. Tossed with white sesame seeds, the toasted seaweed packs extra crunch, which makes it better than any potato crisps!

If you’re looking for a spice kick, the wasabi and sriracha flavors are great options. The spice isn’t too much to handle, but the flavor is enough to tantalize the taste buds.

The mouth-watering teriyaki flavor has a beautiful mix of smoky, savory, and sweet. If you’re not fond of sriracha or wasabi, then the lightly salted and crispy seaweed snacks by GimMe in teriyaki, olive oil, and avocado oil pack a great punch!

The most interesting flavor, however, is the smoked version of seaweed, which has a meaty and bacon-like taste. The savory umami flavor along with the crisp texture makes it super delicious and gives it a bacon-like quality!

Most seaweed snacks contain sesame and sesame oil; therefore, they are not suitable for people with sesame allergies. 

Do seaweed chips taste good?

Seaweed chips and snacks taste delicious, with their crunchy texture and light seasoning. The rich umami flavor is something you don’t get with your average fried crisps. And that’s why it’s quick to disappear from the tables. When you have one or two wafers, it is irresistible to finish the entire pack.

Since there’s no “fishy” aroma or taste, you’ll find these much better than the OG sheets.

The saltiness on these chips is spot on, and the fiery taste takes the flavor up a notch! The best part is that they work well as a standalone snack, but can also be used to elevate any meal. Crumble some jalapeno and lime infused seaweed chips atop a bowl of soup or ramen for a delicious crunch and flavor!

This salty-savory flavor is further enhanced by the taste of ocean minerals present in the seaweed. These snacks contain all the goodness of marine world, including iodine, iron, vitamin B and K, and more. Given the health benefits, seaweed crisps are definitely worth trying! Besides, they’re low calorie, as well. They’ll offer you a decent boost of energy and nutrients to get you through the day.    


Seaweed snacks are a healthier alternative to the other calorie-loaded treats. What’s best is that seaweed is also rich in iodine, iron, and basically every mineral and vitamin present in the ocean.

The mixed variety of flavors means there are endless options to try from. Some top favorites include sea salt, wasabi, and teriyaki. Most of these products are gluten and vegan friendly. If you’re health conscious, you’ll also find various organic seaweed snacks free from artificial flavoring or preservatives!

Overall, seaweed chips have the same briny and umami flavor you find in seaweed. They have a perfect balance of savory-sweet; but what’s new is the addition of mouth-watering seasoning and flavors that take its taste up a notch.

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