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Dried mulberries are eaten worldwide for their remarkable flavor, impressive nutritional profile, and versatile uses. The fruit is dried rather than consumed fresh because dried mulberries make for a delicious snack and go well in appetizers and desserts.

You might be curious to know how does dried mulberry taste like and whether it tastes the same as fresh mulberry.

Dried Mulberries have a naturally nutty-sweet taste without any added sugar. Although dried mulberries taste slightly different from fresh mulberries, you’ll still notice the same tangy-sweet notes. And that’s why they’re a popular choice for adding to trail mix, granola, salads, and cereals. The nutty taste and healthy boost are what make them so good!

Keep reading, as this article will give you a deep insight into the flavor profile of dried mulberries, their texture, health benefits, and more.

What Do Dried Mulberries Taste Like?

Dried mulberries taste sweet yet tart. They taste much like goji berries, figs, strawberries, and raisins. Yeah, they taste similar to fresh mulberries too. However, drying or dehydrating the berries gives them a slightly crunchy yet chewy texture.

Dried black mulberries have a natural sweetness that’s reminiscent of candies. Their sweet and mild flavor is similar to most dried and candied fruits.

Organic, dried mulberries taste delicious as an on-the-go snack. They’re commonly used as sweeteners due to their high fiber content. You can add them to yogurt, smoothies, granola bars, or oatmeal for extra crunch and flavor. We especially love dried mulberries over toast, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. The sweet and tangy flavor and the quick spark of energy are just what you need in the morning!

Not only are they delicious, but they boast plenty of health benefits.

These sweet treats work similarly to any energy drink or health supplement – without the empty calories or added sweeteners! They are packed with protein and iron; dried mulberries also help enrich you with antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, calcium, minerals, and more.  

Most people can’t stop mulling over dried mulberries for the energy boost they give. If you feel lethargic, munching on these can do wonders at recharging you. The little extra boost from the dried mulberries can help you easily get through the day.

In a nutshell, dried mulberries are the perfect snack to keep you feeling energized and healthy. Taste-wise, they’re somewhat similar to fresh mulberries, owing to the tangy-sweet flavor. However, you’ll notice that dried mulberries have a distinct, crunchy, chewy mouthfeel.  

Dried White Mulberries Taste Profile

Dried white mulberries taste like chewy toffee, caramel candy, or green raisins. They have an amazingly chewy texture and a sweet flavor. In terms of sweetness, they taste slightly lighter than dried black mulberries. Nonetheless, these berries are still sweet, with a flavor similar to dried figs and a raisin-like texture.

The white mulberry variety tastes delicious when dried but lacks the tartness that comes with the dried black mulberries. So if you don’t like the tart taste of the latter, you can always opt for dried white mulberries.

Despite their unbelievable candy-like sweetness, dried mulberries do not contain any sweeteners. Therefore, their sugar content is lower than any other dried fruits, including raisins, dates, or dried figs! Try sprinkling the dried berries over cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal to enjoy their naturally sweet flavor! You can also freeze the dried fruit to add to sorbets, smoothies, crumbles, and other tasteful desserts.

Keeping the delicious flavor aside, dried white mulberries are all the rage because of their exciting health benefits. This new superfood has plenty to offer! Since mulberries don’t have any saturated fats or empty calories, you can munch on them guilt-freely while watching your weight.

The best part about the little dried white mulberry is that it helps treat constipation, dizziness, arthritis, hair loss, hypertension, and so on. More importantly, dehydrated fruit is also excellent for boosting the metabolism and losing extra pounds. It doesn’t end here; dried white mulberries have high amounts of fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and regulate digestion. In addition, the impressive antioxidants in dried white mulberries are beneficial in promoting overall heart health and protecting it against toxins!

Dried white mulberries make for a delicious and healthy treat; they taste divine right out of the bag. You can add them to muffins, cakes, cookies, and granola, much like raisins. You can also add dried fruit to smoothies, salads, breakfast cereals, or a bowl of yogurt.   


If you want a healthy snack that controls your blood sugar, look no further! Dried mulberry is the all-new superfood that is sure to satiate your cravings with its delicious flavor. Dried white mulberries are a treat for the taste buds, all thanks to their honey-like, sweet taste.

Dried mulberries taste incredibly similar to sugar candies because of their crisp exterior and soft center. Although many candied dry fruits carry about 30-40 grams of sugar, dried mulberries have lower sugar content than pineapples, dates, mangoes, cranberries, and dried figs. It also contains less than half the sugar you find in raisins!  

Besides tasting great as standalone snacks, dried white mulberries go well in sweet treats like biscuits, cakes, slushes, milkshakes, smoothies, and granola.

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