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Yorkshire pudding is a delicacy originating from the United Kingdom. But it’s available in other European countries too. So if you know what Yorkshire pudding tastes like, I’m sure you will definitely try these baked puddings.

Despite sounding like a dessert, Yorkshire pudding is a savory side dish, typically served with roast beef and gravy. This pudding is a pancake-mix-like concoction made with all-purpose flour, milk, and eggs cooked in a pan greased with beef fat. The result is a puffy, crisp, golden-brown pastry with a moist and fluffy inside.

Let’s get started to know more about Yorkshire pudding and it’s taste profile. We will be answering some of the commonly asked questions about the dish too. 

What Does Yorkshire Pudding Taste Like?

Yorkshire pudding tastes like an eggy pancake with a distinct meaty flavor. In terms of texture, it has a crispy and crunchy outside and a tender center.

If you’ve had a popover before, you probably have a slight idea of what to expect from a Yorkshire pudding in terms of flavor. While they’re both made from the same ingredients, eggs, flour, and milk, traditional Yorkshire pudding has a slightly different flavor. It tastes boldly beefy, savory, and has a unique texture! You may notice a flaky top, but on the inside is a delicate layered eggy batter that gleams with the delicious beef fat!

You can serve this versatile English side dish in several ways, but the best way is to present it as a first course served with aromatic onion gravy!

This savory pudding is cooked by first preparing a batter that resembles a slightly runny pancake mix. This batter is then poured into a casserole dish that’s cooked underneath the roast to absorb the drippings from the beef or prime rib. If you want to prepare it in advance, you may pour the batter into the same pan you roasted the beef in so that it cooks in the meat’s juices and gravy.

When served fresh out of the oven, Yorkshire pudding should have a tall rise, like a chef’s hat, a moist middle, and a flaky golden-brown exterior. To understand the texture better, think of Yorkshire pudding as something between a soufflé and a cheese puff! 

Is Yorkshire Pudding Sweet or Savory?

The traditional Yorkshire pudding is a delightful savory side dish, served with or right before the main course. No, it’s not a “dessert pudding”.

Besides serving it as an accouterment to a delicious roast dinner, Yorkshire pudding can also be devoured as a standalone dish in its own right.

Yorkshire pudding is the perfect side dish to balance out a hearty feast of meat and roasted vegetables. However, it doesn’t HAVE to be savory only.

If you were disappointed that Yorkshire pudding isn’t decadent custard, we’re here to help. Prepare your pudding using the flour, egg, and milk mix and bake it. Serve it warm with fruit, cream, or ice cream, or dust it with some icing sugar and get ready to have your mind blown!

Does Yorkshire Pudding Taste Like Bread?

Yorkshire pudding doesn’t taste like bread. It is closer to a pancake mix cooked in beef fat or dripping. It has an airy, moist, and fluffy center, while the outside is crisp and golden-brown. The primary difference between the two is how they’re prepared. On the other hand, bread is baked and doesn’t have a distinct meaty flavor.

You may notice that Yorkies have a bread roll appearance since they’re light and airy. However, in terms of taste and texture, you’ll see that this pudding is quite flaky on the outside while the center is mostly tender. 

What Is Yorkshire Pudding Similar To?

Yorkshire pudding is similar to popovers as both are made from similar batters. Besides popovers, the Yorkshire pudding reminds us of a Japanese savory pancake called okonomiyaki or a puffy bread roll. 

Popovers have a lighter flavor and aren’t cooked in beef drippings. Yes, because you make both types of pastries with the same batter. Therefore, the primary difference is that the two dishes are prepared slightly differently.

The Yorkshire pudding cooks under the beef roast. You can also prepare it in the same tin in which you cooked the meat. This way, it gets a deliciously meaty, eggy, and rich taste with a slightly greasy flavor. Then, the custardy pancake soaks up all the juicy and meaty flavors.

Are Yorkshire Puddings Supposed To Be Eggy?

Yorkshire pudding has an eggy flavor, but it’s not too eggy. The taste is a combination of savory, eggy, and slightly fatty notes. The eggy flavor comes from the fluffy, eggy, and delicious batter baked with beef drippings to produce a distinct greasy taste.

You may find some Yorkshire puddings eggier than others. The overly eggy flavor may be due to an incorrect egg-to-flour ratio.

A Yorkshire pudding should taste slightly eggy with a mild hint of sweetness. It should have parts that have a crunch and crisp, while some parts are tender and omelet-like. 


Yorkshire pudding is a delicious savory side dish made with milk, flour, and eggs to complement a roast beef dinner. It’s a British staple for Sunday brunches and Christmas dinners. The best way to devour it is by filling the pudding with hot gravy, meat shavings, crispy potatoes, and roasted vegetables.

Since you cook it with beef drippings, it’s probably not something you’d eat regularly. Nonetheless, the flavor is worth skipping your diet.

Well, there you go! So now you have plenty of information to help you get through a weekend dinner. But, to be honest, the best way to understand the flavor of Yorkshire pudding is to try one!

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