What does Whale Blubber Taste Like?

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Whale blubber tastes creamy with some oily undertones. It somewhat resembles what you may expect from a fat layer. It has some nutty notes to the flavor that feels hard to describe.

Consuming whale blubber may seem like an absurd idea for some people. But humans have been eating this food item for centuries. Trying it yourself offers the only way to understand what does whale blubber tastes like. This distinct flavor differs from land and marine animals leaving you curious.

Whale blubber not only offers bold flavors but also contains many essential nutrients. But the dwindling numbers of whales raises ethical issues about hunting these beasts. Interested in this unique ingredient? Let’s talk more about it in this article.

Is Whale Blubber Edible?

Yes, whale blubber is edible. It is even healthy with lots of benefits. Northerners enjoy this ingredient as a delicacy. It is believed that Norwegians hunted these majestic beasts some 4000 years back. Japan and the Northern countries consume it as a part of their heritage.

Blubber stores energy and regulates heat in the mammalian body. It offers a food source rich in vitamins and fat for us humans. It helps to reduce the risk of scurvy by providing vitamin C. This fatty layer also provides the much-needed vitamin D for the Northern cold climatic zones.

Is Whale Blubber Illegal?

Whale blubber and other parts are illegal in most parts of the world. There is a good reason for it. These fascinating creatures face many challenges in their existence. The International Whaling Commission has called for a moratorium on commercial whaling since 1982.

There are exceptions to the restrictions put on whale hunting. Japan and Iceland have some legalized commercial whaling activities going on. These could be the only legal ways to get whale blubber. Some Nordic countries allow limited hunting for their cultural purposes.

What does Whale Blubber Taste Like?

The taste of whale blubber is creamy and nutty. It has a soft consistency that dissolves in your mouth. You can also feel a mild oily taste. Another animal blubber that tastes kind of like this could be walrus. You can imagine it to taste somewhat like fat.

When eaten alone, whale blubber may taste bland to your tongue. Seasoning it with salt or sauces improves the flavor. The light flavor of blubber might not enchant you with its taste right when you eat it. You need to keep an open mind and endorse it many times. In this way, you can develop a taste for whale blubber.

Whale blubber has an oceanic flavor hiding behind the fattiness. It doesn’t taste fishy but rather feels brine-like. Blubber doesn’t taste like pork rind or other land mammal fats. You may feel some land vibes from it, but the flavor stands rather distinct.

Blubber is usually eaten in raw form. But it can be fried, pickled, or breaded to make it more palatable. Whale blubber doesn’t have meatiness or any noticeable gaminess to it.

Food Items That Use Whale Blubber

The native Alaskan version of ice cream, the Akutaq, uses blubber as an ingredient. It gets prepared using animal fat, snow, berries, and fish flakes. Reindeer fat, seal oil, blubber, etc., are used as animal fats. They get whipped together such that the concoction becomes fluffy. This delicacy may not be the creamy ice cream in your mind. But it has a rich and unique taste.

Muktuk offers another recipe to savor whale blubber. It is nothing but raw whale blubber with skin and some cartilage. You can eat it raw, fried, pickled, etc.

Kujira Jiru, the Japanese blubber soup from Hokkaido, offers another delectable dish. This slowly simmered soup also contains tofu, konnyaku, shiitake mushrooms, etc.


Whale blubber has an intriguing set of flavors that can fascinate you. It feels fatty, nutty, and oily, with a texture that melts on your tongue. This taste may not relate to anything that you have experienced before.

Many food items use the eccentric taste of whale blubber. Nordic ice cream offers an appealing collaboration of flavors using whale blubber. There are regulations and bans placed on whale hunting because of their declining numbers. You should consider these and abide by the rules before trying this ingredient.


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