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Wahoo fish has a mild, delicate taste with some subtle sweet notes. This fish belongs to the family of mackerels and tunas. So it is natural that we expect a delectable flavor from them.

Wahoo has less oily flesh that becomes flaky when cooked. Eaten raw and cooked, this fish tastes good no matter how you prepare it. Want to know more about what does wahoo tastes like? We will give you a vivid picture in the coming paragraphs.

Ono, the Hawaiian name of wahoo, means delicious. The flavor of this fish stays true to its name. Even people who hate fishy taste will love wahoo due to its delectable flavor. It is popular among anglers for its strength and agility.

What is Wahoo

Wahoo belongs to the family Scombridae which includes tunas and mackerels. Though closely related to king mackerel, this fish offers a delightful flavor. This powerful and fast-moving game fish excites the mind of every angler.

Wahoo, or Acanthocybium solanderi, can gain up to 6 feet of length and 55 kg weight. You will find them in the tropical and sub-tropical oceans. It lives mainly in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Pacific.

Is Wahoo Good to Eat

Wahoo is good to eat not only because of its taste but also for its health benefits. This lean fish allows a great deal of versatility in the cooking methods. It tastes flavorful even when eaten raw. You can have them grilled, poached, as curry, baked, or how you want.

Wahoo comes with the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. It offers niacin, vitamin B6 as well as B12. It is like a two-in-one combo that gives a tasty and healthy meal.

Can You Eat Wahoo raw

Wahoo has a flavorsome flesh with great texture. It is the perfect dish to be eaten raw. So the answer is a big yes. This fish could be an excellent choice to introduce someone to raw fish. It does not smell repulsive and offers an easier flavor for raw consumption.

It gets consumed as finely sliced sashimi. It also tastes great as sushi. Wahoo pairs well with the rice and wasabi, making the sushi even more desirable. These dishes are not only famous in Japan but also in Hawaii and the Pacific.

You can feel the light sweetness and exquisite taste intertwining in your mouth. As always, freshly caught fish makes the best-tasting sushi and sashimi. Some parts of the fish that are chewier should not be eaten raw. It can kill the flavor and texture. A good chef will know the difference, so select a good place to enjoy this delicacy.

What Does Wahoo Taste Like

Wahoo has a delicate, pleasant taste that has some subtle sweetness. Many members of its family such as the king mackerel have a gamey flavor. But wahoo does not feel gamey at all. This light-flavored fish does not have much fishiness to it either.

Grilled wahoo offers some intriguing flavors. The taste of this dish often gets compared with chicken or veal. When smoked, the flavor resembles smoked turkey meat. This simply means that it tastes pleasing such that anyone can enjoy it. It makes this fish versatile and imbibed into many recipes. It goes well with stews, tacos, and curries without overpowering your taste buds.

You can get a tasty grill wahoo with the firm fish without marinating it. The neutral taste of this fish can be enhanced using marinates in other recipes. The faint flavor can be increased with seasonings as well. The circular flaky flesh aids the taste by making us feel it better.

You should go for fresh wahoo to have the best flavors. The taste diminishes with time. It tastes better within the first ten days after the catch. It loses its taste rapidly if stored filleted. Filleting the fish just before use helps to conserve the flavor.

Does Wahoo Fish Taste Fishy?

No, Wahoo does not feel that much fishy. It does not overpower you with oceanic flavor. As stated already, this fish has a fine taste that makes the flavor more profound. The fishy flavor acts as a bummer for many people who try fish. This fish could be a good starting point for them.

Make sure to use fresh wahoo fish in your recipes. It loses the favor when stored for long and could feel fishier. Proper handling and preparation are needed to conserve the taste. Bleeding the fish after catching it helps in this. It also ensures that the fish tastes less fishy.


Wahoo, the sought-after game fish combines deliciousness with health benefits. The taste is mild with sweet undertones that don’t feel oily. This tasty fish can be consumed raw or cooked without loss of flavor. It acts as a source of vitamin B6, VB12, niacin, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Wahoo doesn’t taste much fishy. The soft and flaky consistency aids in savoring the taste. It makes great sushi and sashimi that even a newbie can enjoy.


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