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Veal has a tender texture with a juicy, delicate taste. This meaty delicacy has a solid place in the cuisines of different cultures. Mediterranean, Italian, and French dishes use the flavors of veal in effective ways. Veal and beef come from the same animal. The difference is that veal comes from young calves. Age is the factor that makes all the differences to their flavor profiles.

Veal is not used as commonly as beef, probably why many haven’t tried it yet. It doesn’t have a strong flavor like beef, but a mild, savory one. Now you may be feeling curious about what does veal taste like.

It is intriguing how the texture and taste of veal change with age. Veal has many health benefits as it is less fatty.

How is Veal different from Beef and Lamb?

Veal and beef have different qualities even though coming from the same animal. Young female and male calves get used as meat. It often gets used as a profitable way to use male calves as they don’t produce milk.

Veal has a mellower flavor than beef. The low-fat content makes it less fatty tasting as well. The calf should be less than one year old to get considered as veal. Veal is costlier than beef because of its quality and low production.

Veal and lamb come from younger animals. They have a soft, tender texture due to this. Other than that these two types of meat differ in their taste. Lamb has a stronger flavor than veal. This meat is also gamier. Like beef and goat, they also have flavors that are unique to them.

Different Classes of Veal

You may have heard about different classes of veal. It can leave you confused. Well, it gets classified according to age. The youngest one, bob veal, comes from calves less than 5 days of age. Calves from 18 to 20 months of age give milk-fed veal and have a cream color.

The red veal or the grain-fed veal gets derived from calves that are 22 to 26 weeks old. They have a darker color. Rose veal has pink-colored meat and it comes from calves that are 35 weeks old. Another type is the free-ranged raised veal that gets raised in green pastures. This veal gets extracted when the calves are 24 weeks old.

What does Veal Taste Like?

Veal has a pleasant, somewhat neutral flavor. It has a tender texture that offers a juicy experience on chewing it. The taste of veal differs to a great extent from beef. Not only the tenderness, but the taste is also not that pungent. It doesn’t mean that veal is bland. The flavor it offers is intense without being aggressive.

Veal has a subtle taste like other meats coming from young animals. The umami oozing from this meat pairs well with rice, potatoes, and rice. The muscle tissues of younger calves are underdeveloped. It is the reason behind the softness of this meat. This consistency helps us to feel the taste more profoundly.

Veal has more of a meaty taste than fattiness. It does contain fat, so you will feel the fatty flavor when relishing it. This fatty taste will be lesser than what you feel from beef. It feels velvety on your tongue but has a firm, fine-grained structure. The veal does not show any marbling. This happens due to the lack of intramuscular fat in young animals.

If veal doesn’t get cooked well, it can give out a sour taste. It is probably why some people hesitate to use it. Sourness isn’t felt from well-done veal. Preparing it like this further improves its softness and makes it more delectable.

The taste and texture of veal vary with the type. Bob veal has a texture that resembles jelly and has the mildest flavor. Milk-fed veal has a firm texture. Free ranged veal produces a deeper taste compared with other types. It shows how the rearing conditions can influence the taste of veal. Rose veal has a refined taste that is subtle compared with beef.

Is Veal Meat Tasty?

Veal meat has a very mild, delicious flavor. But as with any other meat some people love it and some do not appreciate its taste. It has great savoriness, and the flavor is deep. People who hate gamey and aggressive tasting meats can enjoy veal. But, people who prefer gamier meats might not like it that much.

Is Veal a Healthy Choice?

Veal offers a protein-rich food that can provide a wide range of nutrients. This meat contains B vitamins such as B3, B12, and B6. It can give you vitamin D and vitamin A as well. The presence of essential elements like iron, zinc, magnesium, and selenium leaves its nutritional profile quite impressive. Phosphorus is also present in veal meat.

Veal does contain fat. You will be relieved to know that it contains only low amounts of saturated fat. Another advantage is that it has less cholesterol compared to beef. Veal also comes with the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids. 


Veal finds a place in peoples’ hearts with its softness and mellow taste. Beef and veal come from the same animal. But young calves less than one year of age are used in its production. Veal has different qualities based on the age of the calf as well. It has less fat but has great meatiness.

Veal finds its place in recipes around the world. Many Mediterranean, Italian, and French recipes make use of its deliciousness. It tastes sour when not done well. Veal also gets considered healthier than beef. It is due to the low-fat content and rich micronutrient content.



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