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You may find the idea of a yogurt-based cocktail a little crazy, especially if you’re not from Asia! And that’s why we’re here to explain what Soju with Yakult tastes like!

This drink is quite popular all over Korea and most of Asia for its refreshing and fruity flavor. The best part is it comes together with only two ingredients!

This unique combination includes Yakult, a fermented probiotic beverage, and Soju; alcohol made using rice. What you get is a sweet and creamy drink that’s perfect for when you want a pick-me-up!

Read the article to learn more about this massively popular cocktail, its taste, and must-try flavors! 

What Does Soju With Yakult Taste Like?

Soju with Yakult tastes light and slightly creamy with delicious citrusy flavor notes. You can mix the two with your favorite drinks for a unique take on the cocktail. In general, the drink tastes quite refreshing, with a dominant lemony flavor.

It’s a common practice to mix Soju with cultured milk; mixing Yakult with this alcoholic beverage adds a different flavor dimension to the drink. Yakult is recognized for its delicious blend of silky citrus and vanilla flavors. With its sour and lemony flavor, this probiotic drink cuts through the greasiness and bitter aftertaste of Soju. Moreover, it adds a rich and creamy texture that goes well with Soju’s kick of spiciness.

The exact taste of the beverage will depend on the flavor of Yakult and Soju you choose to mix. I recommend the citrus Yakult, as it adds a refreshing and bright flavor to the cocktail! Mix it with 7up or Sprite for a fizzy, sugary, and citrusy flavor to your drink. Although Soju is slightly bitter, Yakult helps in cutting down the bitterness with its sweet vanilla notes. However, many people don’t like adding other drinks to Yakult Soju as this combination tastes quite delicious!

Although you will find various brands of Soju, I like sticking with the Jinro brand, which has about 17-24% alcoholic content. Neat Jinro Soju has a bitter aftertaste, but when mixed with Citrus Yakult, you get a sweet and creamy beverage.

If you like diluted drinks that are deceptively easy to drink, we highly recommend adding a carbonated soda of your choice. Our top choice is Sprite, which helps to elevate the overall flavor and adds some fizziness to the cocktail. The result is a surprisingly sweet and tangy flavor that masks Soju’s sharp notes well.

Interestingly, after this Korean cocktail got so much recognition and hype, CHUM CHURUM introduced a yogurt-flavored Soju! The manufacturers drew inspiration from Soju Yakult by combining the two flavors so that consumers wouldn’t have to buy the two drinks separately. Although the drink tastes pretty good, especially when served chilled, it lacks the sweetness you get by combining Yakult with Soju. Therefore, we recommend playing around with some flavors by adding good old Yakult to any of the fruity Soju drinks. It allows you the freedom and versatility to create your desired flavor by adding different ingredients to make a unique cocktail.

Soju with Yakult tastes incredibly well with Korean cuisine, specifically spicy fried chicken. It’s an excellent choice of drink after dinner, especially if you’d like a diluted alcoholic beverage with a slightly milky touch. However, remember that the cocktail has a lot of alcoholic content and can knock you out, so make sure to consume it in moderation. 

Which Soju Flavor Is Best With Yakult?

The Soju flavor that combines best with Yakult is “Grapefruit,” as it’s relatively less bitter than the others. Moreover, its sweet flavor blends well with Yakult, especially if you’re looking for a light cocktail!

Peach, blueberry, and pomegranate are other popular flavors to make a Soju Yogurt cocktail.

If you’d like a tangy and chewy drink, mix any of the tart Soju flavors like Blueberry or Strawberry with some coconut gel, also known as nata de coco. Add a bottle of Yakult, and you’ll be blown away by this fusion alcoholic drink! If you find a strawberry Mogu Mogu and strawberry Soju, that’s another combination to try with a vanilla or citrus Yakult.  


Now you probably know what to expect from this yogurt cocktail that combines Soju with Yakult.

Many people compare Soju to vodka for its subtle taste and clear color. However, you can mix it with fruit juices, sodas, and more to whip up your cocktail.

But if you’re into trying something that sounds weird and different from the rest, this is a fantastic drink! Soju Yakult is just the drink you need to impress your friends!

Yakult’s sour and sweet flavor does wonders at masking the flavor of Soju. Together, the cocktail tastes sweet, creamy, and citrusy! All in all, Soju with Yakult is a beverage worth trying!

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