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Relish is a condiment like a pickle. It is available across the world but not in a uniform type or taste. Hence, you might be thinking about what it tastes like.

Relish has a zestful taste. But it varies across different parts of the world. For example, in the US it is more of a sweet pickle relish while it is a typical spicy side dish in India.

If you want to explore the taste of relish, then do complete read this. It will help you to add some flavor to your next meal. So let’s get started.

Is Relish the same as pickles?

Relish and pickle are not the same. They use almost the same ingredients and recipes. Take the case of Tomato Relish and Tomato Pickle they do have these similarities. Probably this is what makes you think that they are the same.

Then, what makes them different? It is the ingredient they use to preserve them.

Relish is preserved in either sugar, vinegar, or a combination of both. Still, they are not the main ingredient of this condiment. In the case of pickle, salt or vinegar is the preservative which is also its main ingredient.

These ingredients have a lot to do with their respective tastes. Relish has a zestful flavor that is too pleasing. But, pickle has a salty, sour taste due to their use of vinegar or salt in large quantity.

What does Relish taste like?

Relish is a condiment with a delicious curry flavor. It has a range of tastes like sweet, sour, and dill. Whatever the taste it complements or adds a strong flavor to the main dish that you try with it.

Relish is a cooked or pickled product. Unlike chutney, it has a looser texture, which is not as smooth as ketchup. In short, it has a contrasting texture.

Relish has a piquant taste. Its pickled or vinegary flavor goes well with bland foods. Like other condiments, relish can be spicy, sweet, or sour as well. In all varieties, it has a pleasing taste that can gratify your palate.

Relish comes in many varieties like Branston Relish, Chow-Chow, Cranberry Relish, Gentleman’s Relish etc. In the US pickled Relishes made from cucumbers are more common.  Hamburger relish and hot dog relish are also some popular examples of pickled relish.

The red hamburger relish made with tomatoes is sweet & tangy. You can use it as picnic salads, fish accompaniment, or sandwich mixtures. Hot-dog relish comes in the form of dill relish and sweet relish. Spicy hot-dog relish can also be a good option to try.

Is all the Relish sweet?

All relishes are not sweet. Some relishes are so sugary that taste like sour candy.

But relishes are available in other flavors as well. Dill relish & spicy relish are some of the flavors one can try.

The American pickled Relish with fresh-tasting chunks of cucumbers has a good balance between sweet and tart. Those who want to try something spicy can go for Chakalaka. It is a famous South African vegetable relish Like this relish comes in many varieties.

Even a simple relish with onion and tomato can give you sour and sweet tastes. Like this whatever the taste the flavor will be bright and bold to give you a good appetite.

Sweet Relish vs dill Relish

Sweet relish is sugary while dill relish uses only a tiny bit of sugar to balance other flavors.

So the amount of sugar used makes up the main difference between sweet relish and dill relish. People who are not fond of sweet items can find dill relish as one of their palatable options.

Pickled or fresh cucumbers seasoned with sugar are the main ingredient of sweet relish. You can also use other vegetables and fruits for this. Clove can give it a good flavor.

In the case of dill relish Fresh cucumbers, onion, red pepper, and turmeric are the main ingredients. It is seasoned with the dill herb and a minimal quantity of sugar. This gives it a more piquant flavor and a nice tangy finish. This luscious relish is a good topping for grilled hot dogs.


The word Relish signifies a wide variety of side dishes that can enhance a staple into a rich meal. Taste-wise it can be sweet or savory, hot or mild. But it always has a strong flavor that adds or compliments the main dish.

This condiment comes in many varieties across the world. For example, Kyopolou is a popular relish in Turkey that is used as a spread. Then there is Piccalilli which is a flavorful English relish. From Africa, you can go for Chakalaka, which is a spicy South African relish.

This flavorful condiment can help you to enjoy your meal with all joy. But at least some of you may not like the strong flavor of relish. In that case, you can use Green Bell Peppers, Freeze Dried Dill, or Chopped Dill Pickle. We hope you all will continue to explore the world of taste with us in the future also.

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