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If you’re a breakfast lover and want to switch things from drab to fab, some peanut butter is all you need! But if you’ve never tried it before, you may want first to find out what peanut butter tastes like.

This nutty, crunchy, and gooey spread has a perfect balance of savory and sweet that can transform any boring food into mouth-watering. The spreadable and luscious texture of peanut butter makes you want to lick it off the spoon! Interestingly, peanut butter isn’t only a breakfast staple. Its unique salty-sweet quality makes it a versatile condiment you can use in spicy curries as well as desserts!

Read through the article to find out more about its taste and texture!

What does Peanut Butter Taste like?

Peanut butter, as you would expect, has a nutty and mildly savory flavor profile. Although, conventionally, peanut butter has plenty of sugar added, it still retains its savory taste.

Texture-wise, peanut butter is a luscious paste with a sticky but creamy quality. There are other chunkier versions of it as well, which contain bits of roasted peanut to give a crunchy texture.

Natural or unsweetened peanut butter has a less sweet taste because they don’t contain sweeteners or artificial flavorings. The organic flavor is more on the earthy side with a natural savory quality. Processed peanut butter, on the other hand, is sweeter and contains a hint of saltiness, as well.

Peanut butter has low moisture levels; therefore, it doesn’t have a runny consistency. Natural peanut butter usually only consists of peanuts and some salt, but you’ll find some with vegetable or palm oil to keep the peanut chunks and oils together. So, any oil you see on the surface is a sign of good-quality peanut butter! You can stir and reincorporate the oil to get the right consistency.

When buying peanut butter, you should look for a spread that’s smooth but may contain bits of salt-roasted peanuts. But it should neither be dry nor pourable! The best kind of peanut butter is one that is rich in flavors and has a perfectly creamy texture. The Reese’s peanut butter has a divinely thick texture, the kind that tastes delectable but doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth. Another favorite is the organic PB by Nature’s Promise, which has a toasted flavor with the perfect balance of salty-sweet.

Is Peanut Butter Sweet or Savory?

People always get confused about whether peanut butter tastes sweet or salty. Well, peanuts are essentially legumes with a nutty flavor profile. They taste earthy and have a savory quality. That’s one reason why so many curries and soup recipes call for this ingredient!

Pure and raw peanut butter has a savory taste as it is the unsweetened version. But most commercially packaged and sold jars contain peanut butter mixed with sugar and sodium, and hence they taste sweet.

So, while most people argue that peanut butter belongs to the savory category, we believe that there’s no definite answer to this question. It may come down to the type you’re consuming! Those with added sugar taste sweeter. On the other hand, you may also find some kinds of peanut butter seasoned with sea salt, giving it a prominent savory quality.

Moreover, the plethora of options you’ll find in the grocery aisles may also change your mind. For example, peanut butter infused with dark or white chocolate, honey, cinnamon, or coffee will probably have a sweeter taste. But peanut butter blended with Thai ginger, red pepper, or sundried tomatoes will have a more savory taste.

Overall, it’s a versatile ingredient that works well with various condiments; you can use it to whip up rich desserts or as a flavor enhancer in savory dishes.

Is peanut butter salty?

The salty taste of peanut butter comes from the legumes themselves. However, you will also find various varieties of peanut butter that add salt to enhance the savory flavor, like the one by Trader Joe’s (Click here to buy it from Amazon)! But you’ll find salt-free options, as well.

Most conventional peanut butter contains sugar and oil to create a creamy and sweet spread.

But, if you’re a fan of peanut butter after trying the famous Reese’s cups, you may like the salted peanut butter better. The salty-sweet taste seems to work well with almost all types of foods!

Foods that taste like peanut butter

Here is a list of things that taste like peanut butter. These alternatives can be used in your diet if you are

1.      Soy butter

Soy butter is a popular alternative to peanut butter for its wonderfully creamy texture. WowButter’s (Click here to buy it from Amazon) delicious vegan soy butter tastes pretty close to the real deal!

2.      Bunchosia Argentea

The Bunchosia Argentea tree has a fruit that tastes and smells just like peanut butter! It has similar nutty-sweet flavor notes with a thick and sticky texture that gives it a peanut butter and jelly sandwich-like feel!

3.      Sunflower seed butter

Another excellent option is the sunflower seed butter, which has the same nutty flavor and spreadable texture. While the earthy and toasty flavor is slightly more intense than peanut butter, you can find some mild-tasting options that come quite close in flavor.

Why does Peanut Butter Taste Spicy?

Some of you might have noticed that peanut butter gives a spicy flavor at times. The spicy flavor you feel in your mouth is not because of peanut butter but because of the increased levels of histamine in your soft tissue that results from an allergic reaction.

This scenario is most commonly observed in people who have allergic reactions to certain fruits. This is called oral allergy syndrome, and it happens when you are allergic to certain pollens.


The taste of Peanut butter is a combination of salty-sweet, earthy, and nutty. When you first try it, you’ll find yourself debating whether it’s sweet or savory! Regardless of whether or not you find the answer, you’ll find yourself devouring the luscious and chunky spread with your favorite side snacks.

Although traditionally, peanut butter is paired with chocolate or jelly, some conventional methods call for peanut butter in spicy and umami-flavored broths and curries. So give your peanut butter a unique twist by mixing it in a Thai or Indian-styled curry for an extra awesome flavor!

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