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Pastrami, the processed meat slices, packs a lot of savory flavor for you. This delicious product has a smoky taste from the curing process.

The origin of pastrami doesn’t have a clear history. Many believe that it originated from Romania or Turkey. What does pastrami tastes like depends on the preparation method and the type of meat used. Pastrami sandwiches have become a sensation all around the world.

Pastrami has some resemblance to corned beef and salami. But these differ from each other in the preparation methods and taste. It is interesting to know more about these cured meats and to choose between them.

What is Pastrami?

Pastrami is a kind of smoked meat. You may be familiar with this popular deli delicacy. People began to make this food item as a way to preserve meat. Many believe that it descended from the Romanian pastrami. There is another theory that evolved from the Turkish pastirma.

For preparing pastrami, you need to cure the meat in brine. These meat pieces should then get coated with spices to add flavor. Coriander, garlic, black pepper, cloves, paprika, and mustard forms the common ones used. Salt and sugar also get used to improve the taste. Then they get steam to make it tender.

Curing the meat in brine can take up to one week to complete. Then it gets rubbed again with spices, dry ones this time. After drying for several days, they get smoked for hours. All these steps play their part in imparting flavors to the beloved pastrami.

Does Pastrami Taste Good

Pastrami tastes delectable and goes well with different types of the bead. You can opt for this as a healthier alternative to corned beef and salami.

There are different types of pastrami based on the meat and spices used. It’s not the meat but the spices that make the difference in taste. It can also change according to the person preparing it.

What Does Pastrami Taste Like?

Pastrami gives rise to a blast of savory flavor for those who have it. This processed meat comes in different tastes, but the savoriness stands assured. The flavor feels comforting and deep. It still keeps some meaty taste to it after all the processing. You can feel the warming spices like cilantro, fennel, paprika, black pepper, etc., from it.

The smoked taste defines the character of the pastrami flavor. It complements the meaty taste and makes it more flavorsome. Salami usually gets served when it’s still hot. It helps your taste buds to indulge in the additive flavor in more depth.

Pastrami has a profound taste of cilantro, also known as coriander. Some people dislike cilantro. A genetic factor plays behind why some others hate its flavor. These people may not feel pastrami that appealing. For those who love it, pastrami will feel like a treat for their taste buds.

Marinating in brine and the spices used adds a whole new set of flavors to the pastrami. The tinge of salty taste boosts and completes the flavors from these. The succulent, meaty texture engulfs you in complex flavors as you chew into it. It melts in your mouth.

Pastrami has less fat and fatty taste than other deli meats like salami. As it comes from the flavorful naval part, the savoriness and rich meatiness compensate for it.

Turkey Pastrami Taste

Turkey pastrami offers a new take on the traditional beef, pork, and mutton varieties. This meat has lower fat content than others. The fatty flavor will be less, but it offers a healthier alternative for you. Turkey breast will give you more flavorous pastrami. You will find that the taste differs slightly according to the marinades and smoke used.

Turkey pastrami retains the savoriness of regular pastramis. It has a basic smokey flavor and coriander taste. You may get disappointed if you go for it to savor the turkey flavor. The curing and flavoring alter the typical turkey taste into something with more character. The light-colored, delicate turkey pastrami combines a homely taste with an exotic flavor.

Subway Pastrami Taste

Subway pastrami has a distinct taste that has a rich amount of umami. It makes their Big Hot Pastrami Melt sandwich a hit with customers. The product has a leaner taste, so you may miss the fatty flavors of other kinds of meats. The regular pastramis of subway get prepared from beef.

The smoky flavor of pastrami goes well with the sandwiches. The spicy touch is delectable and non-overpowering. It gets softer after heating, and this helps us to enjoy the flavors more. Subway pastrami offers a decent experience on this magnificent product.

Does Pastrami Taste Better Than Corned Beef?

People sometimes confuse pastrami with corned beef. They both are cured meats that look similar. But these processed meats have many differences from each other, including their taste.

The meat used for pastrami and corned beef comes from different parts of the animal. Corned beef uses the more fatty briskets. Pastrami gets prepared from the leaner deckle cut. It also uses the navel and the section between the ribs. These cuts have a firmer texture and a juicier flavor.

Smoky taste forms the iconic taste of pastrami. It results from the smoking it undergoes when processed. But corned beef doesn’t have this flavor since it gets boiled instead of smoking. Both get brined during the process, which imparts a salty tinge to the taste. The pink color makes them look alike. You will sense the difference once you taste them.

The flavor of pastrami and corned beef further differs because of the spices used. Pastrami gets rubbed with coriander, mustard seeds, fennel, black pepper, and garlic after brining. It creates a unique taste. Corned beef doesn’t get this treatment after the brining process.

Pastrami and corned beef have their characteristic taste. Which one is better depends on personal preference and the quality of ingredients.

Does Pastrami Taste Like Salami

Pastrami and salami both are processed meat. Salami belongs to the sausage class. It comes in a wide variety of flavors. So pinpointing and comparing its taste with pastrami could prove difficult.

You can choose the meat of your choice for salami. As said before, pastrami takes it flavors from coriander, black pepper, mustard seeds, paprika, fennel, etc. Salami uses white pepper, herbs, vinegar, and wine. It lacks the smoky taste of pastrami as the method of processing differs. Salami mixture gets stuffed in casting and fermented. Then it gets cured and air-dried, unlike pastrami.

Both the pastrami and salami give you a delicious experience. Pastrami gets served hot to enhance the flavor. But salami tastes best when served cold or at room temperature.


Pastrami has a rich flavor that gives you a savory, smoky experience. Traditionally prepared from beef, lamb, or pork, it is now made from others. Pastrami gets the flavoring from the spices added to it. Coriander is a must when it comes to flavoring pastrami. You may not develop any liking for this food if you hate coriander.

Pastrami does look like salami and corned beef. But they have many differences from each other. The curing method, spices, and even the final tastes have uniqueness. Subway has included a pastrami sandwich in its menu. Turkey sandwich offers a leaner alternative to other pastramis.

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