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Most people have tried crabs or shrimps at least once before. But what about lobster tail meat? If you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry! We’ll introduce you to the taste of lobster tail meat.

The tail is one of the most flavorful parts of the lobster. It features thick and firm meat that works like a sponge in picking up flavors. You serve the succulent tail meat by boiling or steaming with dollops of garlic butter for a finger-licking experience!  

This article will give you an insight into its taste and texture. Beyond that, you’ll also find answers to other relevant questions.

What Does Lobster Tail Taste Like?

The lobster tail is an esteemed choice of seafood meat around the world for its sweet and succulent taste. This meat is usually thicker and firmer than the meat found in lobsters’ claws. Appearance-wise, it’s mostly white with tinges of a red hue.

The lobster tail meat is firm, meaty, and sweeter-tasting than most other seafood. It is that part of the lobster, which absorbs the most flavors. Cooking it at the right temperature yields tender and succulent meat that melts in the mouth.

Texture-wise, it is firm, chewy, and spongy as the tail contains the most amount of protein. Therefore, the best way to serve them is by steaming or boiling them and brushing them up with garlic butter! The best part is that the delicate taste of the lobster meat doesn’t need a lot of flavoring! Simply add a squirt of lemon, some melted garlicky butter, and maybe a sprinkle of your favorite herbs!

South African, Brazilian, and Maine lobster tails are the best varieties you can choose for your next seafood meal. The South African lobster tails are known for their juicy and sweet-tasting meat; whereas, Brazilian lobsters have tender and flavor-packed tail meat. Generally, cold-water tails, such as that of the Maine lobster, have sweeter meat than those from warm waters. Moreover, it’s also purer and tenderer.

Another excellent option for tail meat is the Rock or Spiny lobsters; these have firm meat. In terms of taste, you’ll find the Mediterranean species as briny-tasting; whereas, those from Caribbean waters are sweet.

Most people find lobster tail meat as a cross between shrimp and crab meat. However, lobster meat is milder than the other two. It’s also thicker, meatier, and sweeter than shrimp! Moreover, the sweetness of lobster meat doesn’t match up to crab meat, which is also a lot flakier.

Nonetheless, when boiled and served with butter, the otherwise firm lobster tail gets moister and melts in the mouth. The rich texture and unique flavor will leave you wanting more!

Lobster vs. Lobster Tail

The lobster tail is easily the most delicious part of the entire lobster! The delectable texture and flavorsome meat are incomparable to any other part. It tastes like shrimp, but texture-wise, lobsters are a lot meatier.

Compared to the claws, the lobster’s tail meat is firm, chewy, and quite rich in taste. While the claw meat is creamy-smooth, the tail meat holds well.

Although the entire lobster is quite delicious, the taste varies according to its parts. Moreover, there are several edible parts that most people discard, such as the green digestive part, called tomalley, and the roe-eggs.

Given the price tag, whole lobsters are pricier than lobster tails. So, when buying frozen lobsters, you can choose to get the flavorsome tail instead of the entire crustacean to maximize flavor while still saving some bucks!

Does Lobster Tail Taste Fishy?

Lobster tail, like the whole lobster, has a clean and pleasant aroma. It tastes sweet and less fishy than other types of seafood, such as crabs. At max, you get a vague sea-breeze smell, which is non-fishy. But, if the lobster tail has a pungent, fishy odor, it’s probably not fit for consumption!

If you want to get rid of the mild fishy aroma, soak the lobster tail in milk for close to half an hour, and then pat dry it. This method will help eliminate the fishy odor-causing compound called trimethylamine oxide.


In a nutshell, lobster tail tastes like a sweeter version of shrimps. Its thick meat does an excellent job at soaking up flavors, which makes it rank high among the most decadent parts of a lobster. The sweet flavor works well with a range of ingredients; the lean meat also fits with various side dishes.

If you’re one to shy away from seafood because of the strong fishy and briny aroma, then you’re in luck. The lobster tail tastes non-fishy and has quite a distinct texture. While it is firm at the first bite, it creates a mouth-watering sensation and the meat melts in the mouth.

If you’ve never tried lobster before and are looking to understand the flavors, we’ll highly recommend you to take the plunge and try it yourself. It’s a delicious type of seafood with quite an intriguing flavor!

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