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Although everyone is familiar with Australia’s national animal Kangaroo, many are yet to try this succulent meat! This local delicacy may be foreign to those not native to the country; however, it’s most definitely a food item that’s not to be missed!

If you’re curious about what kangaroo tastes like – we’re here to tell you!

Kangaroo meat has a strong, gamey flavor with pronounced earthy notes and a uniquely sweet aftertaste. Many people compare its flavor to beef, lamb, and venison. But, when cooked well, it can taste far superior to any premium steak!

If you’ve never tried kangaroo meat, here’s a little guide about what to expect from modern Australia’s culinary identity.

What Does Kangaroo Taste Like?

Kangaroo meat has an enjoyable strong flavor that’s best described as gamey. The taste of kangaroo is similar to beef but may vary according to the quality of the cut. This red meat is quite flavorsome with its bitter-sweet and earthy notes; when prepared well, it reminds one of any high-end steakhouse!

At first bite, you’ll immediately notice kangaroo meat as having an incredibly bold, meaty taste. However, daring foodies that enjoy sharp flavors adore this meat for its earthlike flavor!

The kangaroo meat isn’t chemically contaminated. This is because kangaroos live in the wild and feed on grass. Therefore, it has a delightful grassy and earthy flavor, similar to lamb.

You can minimize the gaminess and enhance the flavors using ingredients like shallots, garlic, and raspberry jam. Other ways to achieve this are by using spices like rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, cumin, and curry powder. The key is to marinate the meat to combat dryness and firmness. Typically, people serve kangaroo foods with some salad greens and a sweet sauce to highlight the sharp, earthy flavors. We highly recommend eating the meat soon after it’s cooked as it gradually loses its softness and juiciness once it rests.

Appearance-wise, kangaroo flesh is dark red, similar to any premium-quality steak! You may also notice an intensely pungent, sour, and meaty smell. In terms of texture, the flesh has coarse fibers that keep it tasting tender and juicy.

Interestingly, roo meat has plenty of protein, iron, zinc, and less fat. The leanness gives it a delicate texture when cooked properly. With less than 2% fat, it’s the ideal choice for those with dietary restrictions looking for an alternative to beef; you can devour roo meat without worrying about gaining weight!

What Does Kangaroo Taste Similar To?

Kangaroo meat tastes much different than other types of meat you’ve been eating, but if we had to compare, we’d say it’s like lean beef.

It has a relatively bold and gamey flavor compared to beef or lamb. But texture-wise, its deep red flesh is closer to chicken or rabbit in its leanness. Since beef is fattier, you can cook it well without drying the steak. But, with roo meat, you ought to be careful, or you’d have a dry and challenging piece of meat!

Furthermore, kangaroo and beef have similar protein levels, but the former is rich in zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Compared to venison, kangaroo meat isn’t quite as richly flavored but is less firm in texture. Moreover, when cooked to the right temperature, it’ll still be tenderer than deer meat.

Overall, kangaroo taste is comparable to lamb or beef but only gamier. On the other hand, its leanness is similar to that of a chicken or rabbit. You won’t get the same flavor as you’d with chicken or steak. Still, it’s undoubtedly a flavorful piece of meat to devour for its unique savor and tenderness. So, if you’re inclined toward sharp flavors, kangaroo meat is not to be missed!

Does Kangaroo Taste Gamey?

The flavor of kangaroo meat is often described as gamey, as it tastes more decadent than chicken, beef, or lamb! The primary flavor is intense but with earthy notes and a subtle hint of gaminess. That is because kangaroos feed on the grass and shrubs out in the wild.  

Wild animals feed on natural foods that give the meat a slightly gamey, earthy, and meaty flavor. Moreover, since wild games are more active than domesticated animals, their flesh has less fat content, is lean, and tastes much stronger in flavor.

The bold flavor is more like a cross between buffalo and venison meat. However, the gaminess isn’t off-putting, and in fact, it tastes pretty incredible and flavorsome. It adds a delicious flavor to the dish without overpowering the taste of other ingredients.

Whether or not you’ll enjoy the ’roo meat is a tricky question! While some enjoy the gamey flavor of meat, others despise it! However, despite the bold flavor, many like it better than steak due to its tender texture and impeccable taste!  

Does Kangaroo Taste Like Wallaby?

Kangaroos and wallabies aren’t the same but have similar makeup. However, taste-wise, kangaroo meat is quite different from wallaby; the latter has a less gamey flavor and finer texture. Moreover, wallaby meat is known for its sweeter taste.

Foodies that dislike the strong, gamey taste of kangaroo meat prefer wallabies more, primarily because of their appealing flavor profile that’s quite similar to most regular meats.

Overall, both wallaby and kangaroo have an exciting flavor profile and texture quality. There’s nothing weird about consuming the two!

To get a better idea: wallaby tastes closest to veal, whereas the flavor of kangaroo meat is reminiscent of beef, with gamey notes.

The Tasmanian wallaby, formerly found in Australia, grows on the Tasmanian grasslands. They’re known for their pleasantly mild and sweet flavor that doesn’t taste gamey!  


In a nutshell, kangaroo meat taste comes close to beef but is more flavorsome than other meats. In addition, this piece of modern Australian cuisine is best known for its lean, low-fat, high-protein nutritional makeup. As a result, it’s an excellent alternative for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Taste-wise, it has a sharp, gamey flavor, unlike other types of meat. Yet, many connoisseurs choose it over beef or lamb due to its unique taste and texture.

If you’ve never tried it before, kangaroo meat is worth a try. We guarantee you a pleasant experience eating experience once you get a taste of its succulent flavor!

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