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Hazelnut coffee represents the graceful ecstasy offered by caffeine and nutty creaminess. This union of flavors has been bringing delight to our mornings for many centuries.

You may be well aware of what does hazelnut coffee tastes like. But you will learn new things when you dive more into this magical flavor. The reason behind its deliciousness, or the way it originated, can make you enthusiastic.

Hazelnut coffee plays a game of well-balanced bitterness with a sweet, creamy, nutty taste. Hardcore coffee fans may not like the idea of flavored coffee. But then it offers a fun way to enjoy your favorite drink.

What is Hazelnut Coffee?

Hazelnut coffee has a hazelnut flavor to it. This flavor comes from the nuts of the Hazelnut tree, also known as filbert. They have an enticing taste that offers a pleasant explosion of flavors. You can savor the subtle sweetness combined with nutty, buttery, and earthy flavors. Ketone compounds can be held responsible for the unique taste of hazelnuts.

Hazelnut flavor can stand up to other sharp-tasting ingredients like coffee. Thanks to this, it offers an enriched taste in coffee without losing its identity. They effortlessly complement each other to bring out an incredible flavor for us. The aroma emerging from this coffee can conquer your senses in no time.

What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like

Hazelnut coffee combines nutty, mildly sweet tastes with a delectable earthy, bitter taste. The hearty flavors of caffeine and hazelnut give rise to a delightful experience. Both coffee and hazelnut have enticing aromas. These smells and tastes amalgamate into the most popular coffee flavor in the world. Rich buttery notes of hazelnuts enhance the taste of coffee without losing originality.

The origin of this beloved flavored coffee can dates back centuries. Some say that Alpine monks used them to boost the flavor of their coffee. Some believe that this flavor tradition came from Turkey. Now you can find syrups, flavored beans, and extracts in the hazelnut coffee flavor. A simple vanilla coffee can enrich its taste with a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts.

You do not need to worry about the calorific value of hazelnut coffee. It would not get altered much from the original value. You can bring out rich creaminess by adding milk, cream, or vegan options. Flavored coffee beans get classified into four groups based on the type of flavoring. Among the vanilla-based, spice-based, chocolate-based, and fruit-based groups, hazelnut falls in the first group. Hazelnut coffee belongs to the first category.

You can find intriguing hazelnut flavor coffees from around the world. French vanilla coffee uses vanilla and hazelnut to bring out the flavors. This combo creates a calming drink that feels lovely. Hawaiian hazelnut coffee puts coconut, hazelnut, and French vanilla together and produces wonders. This exotic mix gives rise to a heavenly concoction.

How to make Hazelnut Coffee at Home

You will get three different options to choose from when thinking about hazelnut coffee. You can use syrup and flavored beans or prepare coffee on your own. Make sure to select an appropriate method to suit your liking and situation.

You can prepare an easy hazelnut coffee if you want to use syrup. Brew the coffee in your regular manner and add the syrup to it. These syrups usually contain more artificial stuff than natural ones. Use premium products of natural flavor extract to savor the perfect deliciousness.

Your second option comes as flavored coffee beans. You can buy these from local stores or online. You would need to grind them to make coffee like with regular beans. Instant coffee powders in this flavor have also entered the market. You can pour hot water to make a tasty coffee.

When you go with the second option, make sure to use quality beans. Many of these available in the market use low-quality beans. They do it to compensate for the shortcoming with hazelnut flavor.

The last and best option will be to prepare your blend on your own. Choose good quality coffee beans and hazelnuts. Grind them together and brew them as you would do with unflavored beans. Then you can prepare a fragrant, flavorsome coffee using it.


Hazelnut coffee offers an alliance of tantalizing flavors from its ingredients. Hazelnuts have a nutty, creamy, subtly sweet taste with earthy undertones. As we all know, coffee has a sharp taste with some bitterness. The ability to stand up to dominant notes makes hazelnut flavor so versatile. Like a bond made in heaven, this refreshing flavor has long fascinated our senses.

Hazelnut coffee stands for a perfect balance of flavors. You need to get quality ingredients to get an assured result. Many syrups and flavored beans fail in this respect. You can prepare this coffee at home if you have the time and resources.

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