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Dubliner cheese has an intriguing taste with a sweet and nutty side. This Irish cheese can win your heart with its heavenly smell and flavor.

Defining what does Dubliner cheese tastes like may not be an easy task. The sharp flavor of this cheese has an identity of its own. This gourmet cheese keeps its uniqueness with simple, elegant flavors.

Dubliner cheese uses pasteurized cow milk and needs over twelve months of aging. You can savor the taste at its best with wines or on its own.

What is Dubliner Cheese?

Dubliner cheese stands for the sweet Irish cheese that has a rigid consistency. Though called Dubliner, it originates from the County cork.

Dubliner cheese doesn’t come with a long history like other cheeses. This fact may have surprised you. An Irish researcher called Lucey developed it at County Cork in 1990. It then got marketed by the Carbery group. Now, the Dubliner cheese holds a distinct position among the cheeses.

What does Dubliner Cheese Taste Like?

Dubliner cheese forms a delightful parade of gentle flavors on your tongue. The taste of this cheese has sweet, peppery, and salty undertones. You can experience a gratifying buttery-ness filling your mouth when chewing it. Dubliner cheese gets prepared from the pasteurized milk of grass-fed cows. This milk plays a significant role in the creation of its unique flavor.

Dubliner cheese has a texture close to that of mature cheddar cheese. You can compare this texture to Parmesan cheese as well. The taste of Dubliner marks the coming together of Cheddar, Swiss, and Parmesan cheese. Dubliner makes use of a starter culture close to those used for these cheeses. You can substitute either one of these with Dubliner cheese in your recipes.

Dubliner has a granular construction that melts in your tongue. It unfolds a sharp taste. This firm cheese has a pale yellow to white color. It takes twelve to twenty-four months of aging to make quality Dubliner cheese. Aging helps to develop the characteristic flavor to its fullest.

Dubliner cheese shows the formation of white calcium lactate crystals on its surface. These crystals show that the cheese has aged well with lots of flavors. You can call them flavor crystals in this respect. More the crystals, more the taste you can expect. Dubliner cheese offers a natural source of amino acids, Vitamin-A, and calcium.

You can serve Dubliner cheese at room temperature to savor its taste at its best. When refrigerated, the fat content in the cheese gets frozen, reducing the flavor. We need to bring refrigerated cheese to room temperature to avoid this. People consider the Dubliner cheese as a Gourmet ingredient. This humble cheese rich in flavors doesn’t cost you anywhere near other gourmet cheeses.

Dubliner cheese stretches when heated. You can use it in your sandwich, burgers, and mac and cheese. As with any other cheese, the Dubliner pairs well with wine. Wine can take the Dubliner cheese flavor to another level. The sweet, mild flavor of this cheese makes it pair well with pasta and tarts.

What Makes Dubliner Cheese Different from Others

As stated earlier, Dubliner cheese has a noticeable sweet taste to it. This character makes it stand out from other cheese varieties. We all may have tasted different kinds of cheese before. If you have, then you know that most cheeses don’t have much sweetness.


Dubliner cheese has mellow flavors which culminate into a robust, characteristic taste. This sweet cheese comes from County Cork in Ireland. The texture of Dubiner resembles the cheddar cheese. It also possesses the sweetness of parmesan. Dubliner cheese gets prepared from pasteurized cow milk.

Dubliner cheese has a hard texture with granular composition. You can compare it with aged cheddar and parmesan. This perk enables us to substitute them with Dubliner cheese in our recipes. Calcium lactate crystals on Dubliner cheese stand as proof of good aging and taste.

Dubliner cheese has a pale yellow-white color. The sweet taste and hard texture impart a character to this cheese. This affordable gourmet cheese can give you a delightful experience of flavors.

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