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Chicken jerky is nothing but jerked chicken. Although it’s not that popular as beef jerky, it tastes as good as the beef, turkey or duck varieties. Most people don’t get a chance to try chicken jerky. If you are one of them, I’m sure you are also wondering about the taste of chicken jerky.

Chicken jerky is a protein-packed snack, which is also a winter essential. All thanks to its chewy and savory bite. Given how lean the chicken breast is, you can expect to have tender, chewy, and juicy strips that are as good as any other. Chicken jerky is not only flavorful and nutritious but is also easy to make at home.

If you’ve ever come across someone who has tried chicken jerky, you must have heard them gush about it! So, is chicken jerky worth the hype? Let’s discover!

What Does Chicken Jerky Taste Like?

Chicken jerky has a sweet, spicy, and umami flavor, similar to beef, except milder. This crispy yet chewy treat is increasingly gaining popularity as a delicious and affordable on-the-go snack, perfect for any time of the day!

Although chicken jerky lacks a rich and meaty flavor, it pairs well with other ingredients and absorbs all kinds of flavors. Since there are several variations of chicken jerky, it would be impossible to pinpoint any one flavor. But in most cases, you’ll notice a subtle hint of smoke that comes from the use of hickory, liquid smoke, or BBQ sauce during the marination and dehydration. Honey-BBQ is another top favorite, all thanks to the sweetness of honey that perfectly matches the smoky BBQ and spicy flavor.

Some other variations of Chicken jerky contain ingredients like rice vinegar, honey, soy sauce, sriracha, and Worcestershire sauce that add salty, sweet, and umami notes to the meat. You can also add a tangy acidic touch to the jerky with lemony-pepper seasoning. Chili garlic sauce, gochujang, and harissa work perfectly well, especially when you want to add a kick of heat! On the other hand, the Jamaican flavor provides a perfect blend of sweet and spicy notes that are sure to impress any Jerk-lover! Since these are essentially dried chicken bites, many like using chicken wing flavors and marinades when preparing jerked meat, and what better than Buffalo wing flavor?

Although you would assume the meat to be dry and leathery, chicken jerky tastes as juicy as beef jerky! The tender and grease-free jerk is just the perfect snack for a warm outdoor trip paired with a chilled glass of beer!

Although you can have store-bought chicken jerky, nothing matches the goodness of homemade one. Many people steer away from ready-to-eat jerky for its overly salty flavor. But, with homemade chicken jerky, you can reduce the salt content and create your desired flavor combinations.

Since the chicken breast is lean and also the largest piece of meat, it’s the ideal choice for making chicken jerky. It also has the most protein and least fat percentage compared to the other cuts of chicken and other types of meat. Not only is the breast meat inexpensive, but also slices well.

Since white meat has a lower fat content, you can snack on chicken jerky without worrying about gaining extra weight! Most importantly, it lasts longer and is safer than other types of meat. You can minimize the risk of salmonella and other food-borne illnesses by cooking it to the right temperature.  

Is Chicken Jerky Good?

Compared to beef, chicken jerky lacks a bold and smoky flavor. Instead, you get a milder taste with hints of tanginess. Nevertheless, chicken jerky is mouth-wateringly delicious and tender and packs the perfect crispness that’s unlike any other variety of jerky!

Even if you’re not a fan of jerked meat, you’ll love munching on dried chicken bites as they bring plenty of flavors to the table. There’s more to the palate than salt! Moreover, you’ll notice that the chicken breast renders jerky that yields the perfect balance between crisp and tender.

The thin strips pack a delicious meaty goodness that keeps you going for more. Most importantly, with so many flavors available, there’s something to please everyone!


Move over beef, jerky made from chicken is the new hype!

The mild flavor of chicken jerky comes as a breath of fresh air compared to the rich and bold taste of beef jerky. So, if you are bored of the regular jerky available everywhere, chicken jerky is a must-try! It’s the perfect protein-rich snack you need in your life.

Jerky made from chicken meat tastes tenderer and juicier than the other meats. Moreover, it’s not only tasty but also healthy, as you get fewer calories and more protein! 

That was all about the taste of chicken jerky. Do give it a try to see what it tastes like to you!

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