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Caribou meat has a mild flavor without much gamey taste to it. This venison keeps its identity from other game meats due to some unique qualities.

Many people may feel uncertain about having Caribou meat. It happens because the name caribou stands synonymous with reindeer. This rich source of protein has helped people survive extreme climates for centuries. Its deep flavor makes it an excellent choice to enjoy exotic tastes.

You can experience game meat without leaving your comfort zone with caribou meat. Actual tasting helps to understand what does reindeer taste like for real. We can help to quench your curiosity with details on its pleasant, sharp taste.

What is Caribou Meat

Caribou imply reindeer in North American regions. You can find them throughout the polar and sub-polar regions of the continents. Dwellers of these climatic regions used them for meat, fur, milk, and transportation.

Reindeer, or Rangifer tarandus, has been a constant presence in folklores. We have various types of caribou that differ in color and size. The largest of these majestic creatures may be the Svalbard variety. Caribou can weigh up to 300 kilograms.

Can You Eat Caribou

You may feel hesitant to think about eating reindeer because of Santa. His sleigh pulled by eight reindeers evokes nostalgic childhood memories of Christmas. But many people worldwide have survived on caribou meat for generations. So the answer to whether you can eat it stands at a yes.

You can eat different parts of caribou without worrying about any side effects. This healthy, edible meat offers an excellent source of protein and nutrients. Make sure not to eat diseased parts of caribou. If you plan to eat raw meat, get it from an experienced hunter.

Caribou numbers plummeted in recent years due to environmental impacts from developmental processes. Different regions have regulations on caribou hunting to ensure sustainability. Buy caribou meat from legit sources which follow responsible hunting practices.

What Does Caribou Taste Like

Even though game meat, caribou has a delectable flavor without being gamey. Its mild-tasting flesh thus provides a different experience from deer meat. You can compare this meat with moose or beef to some extent. As caribou belongs to the deer family, you can consider it venison. 

You will not find any marbling in caribou due to its low-fat content. This character often defines wild meats as they contain low amounts of fat. The tender, soft texture of caribou makes it taste complex than others. It has dark red-rose coloration with a distinct flavor that melts on the tongue.

The meat of the reindeer feels light. It has a delicate, grained structure which gives an impression of veal meat. The tender flavor of caribou gets enhanced with aging, freezing, and cooking. This meat can make tasty sausages, dried meat, and jerky. You can have caribou as steak, roast, stews, or raw. 

You can eat the meat as well as many other parts of caribou. Northerners make delicious dishes with the brain, tongue, and heart. The fat behind the eyes tastes good when eaten raw. Its bone marrow has a creamy flavor which amplifies the umami of meat.

Many people find the taste of reindeer unappealing compared with other game meat. This opinion can arise from the consumption of rut meat, which tastes different. During the mating season, starting from October, the taste becomes unpleasant. You can compare this flavor with liver or duck meat. Though true with bulls, the cows do not taste awful at any time.

Reindeer offers lean meat full of protein better than beef. It provides Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, iron, and other nutrients. You should slow-cook the slim slices and fast-cook the thick ones to maximize flavors. Omega-3 fatty acids in caribou fat offer a safer fatty taste to your diet. 

Caribou Tongue Taste

Caribou tongue holds a discrete flavor and texture compared to its meat. You must not miss out on this flavorful body part next time. It makes a delightful soup exploding with savory flavor.

Many consider the caribou tongue more flavorsome than the meat. This part contains a higher concentration of oleic acid. It imparts a buttery, nutty taste brimming with umami on your taste buds. Saturated fatty acids in the tongue can help to lower blood cholesterol levels.


Caribou has an enticing flavor that doesn’t have gamey-ness like other venison. It has a delicate feel which arises from the fine, grained texture. It may seem odd to eat a caribou as we romanticize this majestic beast. But people from the northern region depended on this meat for survival.

Apart from meat, the heart, fat, tongue, and brain of reindeer qualify as edible. Each has different flavors and nutritional profiles, making it a healthy choice. Caribou tongue has a smooth, savory flavor that comforts your palate.

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