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Babybel is a delicious cheesy snack, perfect for people of all ages. Available as packed, individually rounded cylinders of creamy goodness, you can pop one to satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere!

If you’ve no clue what we’re talking about and are curious to know what Babybel cheese tastes like, then continue reading!

Babybel is a tender, milky-sweet cheese with a slightly salty aftertaste. Made with real cheese, it’s a convenient option for snacking on the go! You get to choose from a variety of 5 flavors, including original, honey-mustard Gouda, smoked Swiss cheese with peppers, garlic-and-onion-flavored parmesan, and light cheese!

This article will answer all your queries related to Babybel cheese, its taste, and other common questions concerned with its flavors. 

What Does Babybel Cheese Taste Like?

Flavor-wise, Babybel cheese tastes slightly salty but isn’t pungent or sharp. Instead, it features a perfect combination of sweet and salty notes. Most people will love these bite-sized cheeses as an evening snack, especially for their creamy yet firm texture.

These “squeaky” and slightly stretchy rounds of cheese are super versatile. You can enjoy it as a standalone snack, melted-in sandwich, crumbled-in salad, or even as a dessert portion. It’s the perfect pick for people of all ages for everyday eating! You can also try melting a pack on your favorite snack food to enjoy as a fondue; however, it won’t be quite as runny as the other varieties!

You can savor this versatile cheese by pairing it with snack items like crackers, pretzels, nuts, or fruits for an enjoyable treat. With multiple flavorings available, you can enjoy Babybel cheese in all forms. Some top recommendations include the original version, Gouda, aged cheddar, and mozzarella! The original Babybel cheese is a sweeter and creamier version of the Dutch Edam.

These round balls of creamy goodness are made with pasteurized cows and natural sheep milk. With its semi-soft texture and deep flavor personality, Babybel is the ideal pick-me-up treat, especially when paired with some crackers and wine.    

For individuals with dietary restrictions and gluten allergies, the Babybel cheese is an excellent filling snack option as it is gluten-free and safe from added preservations. As with the other varieties of cheese, you get protein, calcium, and other nutrients essential for promoting growth. Additionally, this delectable cheese packs immense flavor minus the saturated fat and high sodium contents! Moreover, with a lower fat percentage, you can indulge in it guilt-freely.

Babybel’s white cheddar is another utterly delicious option, especially if you’re hunting for a smooth and rich taste. With a velvety-soft texture and creamy flavor, it’s one of the best options. With just the right off-white color and sweet-savory aroma, it’s one of the most fantastic types of cheese!

Get the best taste experience by devouring the sharp cheddar-flavored cheese right out of the fridge – it’s the ideal refreshing snack on a warm summer day! The best part is that you get to enjoy fresh cheese for munching while on the go! 

What flavor is Babybel cheese original?

The Babybel cheese original is an Edam cheese that has a mild, nutty flavor. They taste slightly salty when they are young.


Babybel cheese is a delicious snack option that’s easy to carry, all thanks to its red wax rind and convenient individual wrappings. Once you peel the plastic covering, you get creamy, salty goodness regardless of the flavor you pick!

This petite round of Halloumi cheese has a distinct milky feel that’s both flavorful and wholesome. Made with cow, sheep, and goat milk, Babybel sure delivers all around!

You must try the mini Gouda version if you’re on the hunt for the best flavor experience. Its nutty-sweet taste takes the top spot, all thanks to its delectable creaminess. Real cheese fans will surely love this flavor!

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