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Avocado ice cream might sound like a strange idea to you. But they have become common in desserts in recent times.

With fewer people trying it out, the flavor profile of avocado ice cream is alien to most people. Many wonder whether it tastes just like avocado. You might even be thinking about whether a dish like this exists or not. Well, you are not alone. I was also having all these doubts till I tried avocado ice cream in one of the buffets.  

Since avocados are slightly bitter, we don’t associate them with sweet dishes, especially ice cream. But the avocado ice cream tastes the least like avocados. Instead, it is a flavorsome ice cream in every aspect. With the right toppings, avocado ice cream will have a pleasing rich sweet taste. 

Now let us check out the real taste of avocado ice cream!

What does Avocado Ice Cream Taste Like?

Avocado ice cream is a very creamy treat and tastes like the flavors and toppings you mix in. So assuredly, you will get ice cream’s profoundly and intensely sweet, creamy flavor. The additional flavors you add give an enjoyable taste to avocado ice cream. Some of these flavors are chocolate, vanilla, honey, mint, and lemon. 

Chocolate avocado ice cream is the most popular homemade avocado ice cream. You can add any chocolate to give this flavor to avocado ice cream. In addition, you can add a citrus flavor to give a natural taste by blending one teaspoon of lemon zest or orange. Further, if you love nuts, add nuts before freezing the ice cream. This will give you a delectable taste of nuts and creamy avocado. 

If you are a fan of traditional ice creams, try adding ingredients like cream and sugar. These toppings will make the ice cream fluffier and tastier.

There are quite a few brands that produce avocado ice creams. Some of the top ones include FoMu, Cado and Magnolia, etc. They offer low sugar than other traditional ice creams. The Cado ice cream brand is the most popular among these. Avocado is the main ingredient in Cado ice cream, and it has a mild chocolate flavor.

If you are looking for Vegan avocado ice cream, you can either prepare it on your own or go with FoMu or Cado brands. 

Homemade Avocado Ice Cream Recipe

Avocado ice creams are very easy to make at home. The ingredients you need are:

  • Two ripened Avocados,
  • Vanilla extract,
  • Canned coconut milk, and
  • Sweetener.

You can also add fresh mint leaves and maple syrup to the mixture. Bind it, and you will get a super thick green smoothie. Freeze this mix for four hours. Further, you can also add the ingredients you like to garnish before freezing. Nuts and chocolate chips give an extraordinary flavor to the ice cream.

This healthy vegan ice cream can also be prepared without an ice cream maker. Yeah, you heard it right. The creamy texture of avocado makes the ice cream thicker and looks similar to traditional vanilla ice cream.


Is avocado ice cream real?

Yeah, avocado ice creams are real. You can either prepare them at your home. Further, there are brands that produce avocado ice creams. 

Is avocado ice cream better than regular ice cream?

Avocado ice cream is better than regular ice creams in terms of its health benefits. With avocado being the main ingredient, you are getting a dairy-free ice cream that is most often vegan-free. In addition, it has low-carb or little to no artificial sweeteners. 

Avocado ice cream offers only 170 calories. In addition, avocado serves up nearly twenty vitamins and minerals.

Is avocado an ice cream flavor?

You can’t say avocado ice cream is a flavor, as the flavor profile of this ice cream depends a lot on the mixings you use. It doesn’t taste a lot like avocado. 

Does avocado ice cream taste good?

Yes, avocado ice cream tastes good. It is so yummy and creamy. But, as I said before, the taste varies as per the brand and the toppings you use.       

Does avocado ice cream taste like Avocado?

Avocado ice cream will taste a little bit of avocado, yet the flavor of avocado is mild in ice cream. Avocado fruit does not have an overwhelming taste in this dish; it’s muted. So avocado ice cream would also taste similar to traditional ice cream. The toppings you add to the ice cream also make the ice cream taste the least, like avocado.

Concluding Remarks

Velvety, creamy, rich, and luscious avocado ice cream is an excellent choice for refreshment. The greenish, creamy, and delicious avocado ice cream tastes divine and leaves you feeling satisfied and nourished. The delectable taste of avocado ice cream is an unusual flavor that tastes like traditional ice cream. 

Adding avocado to an ice cream base recipe completely transforms it in terms of flavor and texture. The toppings you mix in also plays a vital role in the taste of avocado ice cream. 

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