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Pickled pig lips is a bar snack that is extremely popular in the Louisianian region. The taste of pickled pig lips is not known to even avid food lovers due to its being less popular worldwide. Further, even if you get a chance to taste it, the gruesome look it has might stop you from tasting it.  

If you are eager to know what do pickled pig lips taste like, you have come to the right place. They have a salty taste of brine and meat. 

Let’s dive in to know more about the rare snack. 

What are Pickled Pig Lips?

Pickled pig lips are one of those famous pickled pork food items. Pork lips are cut from the face and pickled without boiling. Classified as a snack food, it consists of pork lips canned in a brine solution. The brine for pork lips typically uses a mixture of water, vinegar, salt, red no.40 dye, and hot sauce. 

Pickled pig lips is an authentic Cajun country bar delicacy that is extremely popular in Amite, Louisiana, and Mississippi. This is a place where no part of a pick goes wasted. They are known to produce uncommon pickles like pickled pig feet, tails, etc. 

You might be thinking about the source of the meat for this pickle. Is it from the pig’s mouth or its labia? The lips are taken from the mouth of pigs and not from the labia. On a side note, there is a food item called Pig Vulva, which has the meat taken out from the labia region. 

What Do Pickled Pig Lips Taste Like?

Pickled pig lips taste like a combination of salty vinegar and meaty bacon. The overwhelming brine taste is a real challenge. This is why people take pickled pig lips along with potato chips. The spicy potato chips counterbalance the salty taste of the pork lips. One good example of the taste would be spoiled raw beef put in a highly salty vinegar solution. 

It’s not the taste; instead, the texture of the pork’s lips makes it a real test. It’s thick, uneven, spongy, and sometimes has a little bit of gristle or hair in it. 

The smell of pickled pig lips is very challenging. The strong chemical-like smell may be very opposed to the first-time tasters of this uncommon snack. 

Pickled pig lips look like a research specimen. The vinegar brine tinted with red No. 40 dye gives it a blood-like color. Most people often confuse this with actual blood, though. 

How to Eat Pickled Pig Lips?

You can’t eat pickled pig lips alone. The snack resembles a chewy sponge, and it’s way difficult to swallow it down your throat. The overwhelming salty vinegar is another challenge.

There is a way to eat this peculiar food item. Pig lips and potato chips are a winning mix. You can either use crushed-up Zapp, which is the regional tradition. Even pulverized Lay’s are also an excellent way to go. The choice is yours. 


Pickled pig lips are the right side snack to have with you for a long night of drinking if you are in Louisiana. The snack tastes like meaty bacon dipped in a salty vinegar solution. As far as we have seen, most first-time tasters of the snack don’t like its taste and texture. However, if you happen to be in a bar in the Deep South, you should try it because it may be your last chance to try this peculiar pickle.

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