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Are you intrigued to know what golden beets taste like? Well, we’re here to tell you all about this unique superfood.

We bet the red-hued root vegetable comes to mind when you think of beets. But like carrots and other vegetables, beetroots are available in various colors! Despite having similar nutritional values, golden beets are poles apart from their red cousins regarding taste. While the red ones taste earthy and dirt-like, the golden beets have a sweeter and mellower flavor.

Keep reading to learn more about the taste and texture of this distinct beet variety. We’ll also compare the golden beets to their red counterparts to help you find the better-tasting root vegetable! 

What Do Golden Beets Taste Like?

Golden beets taste sweet and mildly sour, with a hint of nutty flavor that is comparable to walnuts. The flavor is milder and less earthy than the red beets. You’ll even notice a sweet aroma in these golden underground veggies that is reminiscent of apples or apricots.

The primary reason for the sweet flavor of golden beets is the increased level of carotene. Carotene makes them a perfect ingredient for making soup, mashed potatoes, or salad.

This variety of superfoods is typically served roasted in a bowl of salad to add a vibrant and zesty color. You’ll also find them tasting great in pickling recipes.

The best way to have these sunshine-yellow veggies is by roasting them till they’re soft and juicy. Then, you can devour them on their own or pair them with feta cheese, nuts, kale, rocket, and a drizzle of lemon!

Golden beets offer a lot of nutritional benefits like many other yellow vegetables. They are rich in calcium and vitamin C. So, not only does it give a better flavor profile, but it also provides you with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! That’s why these bright-hued veggies are often used in baby food recipes.

Another great advantage of using golden beets is that they don’t stain other vegetables like their red counterparts.

Many people prefer golden beets over their well-known red cousins, as they taste less dirt-like. Most home cooks enjoy the milder flavor by serving them grilled, steamed, or broiled. However, if you don’t want a sweet flavor in your dish, avoid using golden beets.

Do Golden Beets Taste the Same as Regular Beets?

Golden beets don’t taste similar to red beets. The red-hued beetroots have a sweeter and much stronger earthy flavor, whereas the golden ones are milder in flavor. 

The deep red beets are famous for their earthy-sweet flavor and vibrant hue that adds a much-needed pop of color to a bowl of greens. However, their only down part is that they “bleed” and stain everything they come in contact with, including other vegetables! In comparison, the golden root veggies taste mellower yet sweet and pair well with almost all vegetables, condiments, and salad dressings.

Belatins are a type of antioxidants that are responsible for giving beets their deep and rich color. The red variety of beetroots contains betacyanins that give it its dark appearance. On the other hand, the golden ones get their yellow-gold color from betaxanthins. Interestingly, while the two appear dissimilar because of their different antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, these underground veggies are also pretty distinct in taste.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • The golden variety of beets tends to have a much milder taste than their red counterparts. They’re less sweet and also lack the pronounced earthy flavor.
  • Another difference is that the golden beets have a dense and crispy texture, while red beets are tender. 
  • Aside from the visible difference in their color pigments, the two varieties of beets are more or less the same. They add the same nutritional value to your diet!   
  • Therefore, golden beets are the perfect choice for people who want the nutritional benefits minus the dirt taste! 


Golden beets aren’t different from red beets solely due to their pigments. They also taste less earthy than their red cousins! The mellower flavor and zesty yellow color make them more palatable to those who despise the dirt-like flavor of red beets.

Given the endless varieties of beets, it’s essential to identify the differences in their flavor notes. You can then select the beets based on their taste or the color you’d like to add to your dish!

Regardless of the variety you choose, beets are a powerhouse of nutrition! Experts worldwide recognize this root vegetable as a treasured superfood as they come loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

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