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Veal and lamb have a delicate taste and tender texture compared to beef and sheep. They have their unique flavors. This distinctive nature makes them inseparable from the recipes that use them.

The veal vs. lamb comparison offers many intriguing facts on the flavors they possess. Veal tastes milder than lamb, whereas lamb holds a robust flavor. This meat even has some gamey notes. Both contain less fat than beef and mutton.

Both veal and lamb offer a wide range of nutritional benefits. A lower amount of fat makes them an attractive choice for health enthusiasts.

Veal vs. Lamb Taste

Veal and lamb hold some similarities and many differences in how they taste. As said earlier, both are milder than their older counterparts. Veal does not taste overwhelming or aggressive like beef. Likewise, lamb tastes less gamy and has a more tender texture than sheep meat.

Veal tastes neutral with a soft, velvety, yet firm texture. Some even call it the chicken among red meat. Lamb meat is not neutral-tasting at all. Veal comes from young calves less than one-year-old. As their muscles are underdeveloped, the meat exhibits more tenderness. It tastes meaty and juicy. Veal doesn’t taste much fatty as it does not have any marbling.

Lamb has a rich flavor compared with veal. It even has some gamey undertones. Sheep less than one year of age gets used as lamb meat. Its texture is much softer than veal. You will find subtle notes of sweetness while savoring lamb. It can withstand intense seasonings and glazing and give out enriched umami.

Lamb tastes fattier compared with veal. It happens because lamb has more fat deposits than veal. This character is one of the reasons why lamb tastes more flavorous than veal.

Which is better in Taste? Veal or Lamb

The answer to this question differs with people. Some people vouch over lamb, whereas some others prefer lamb. You can’t replace one of them with other in any recipes as the taste varies considerably.

In a nutshell, you will feel that veal tastes better if you are not into deep, gamey flavors. On the other hand, you will feel that lamb tastes better if you are in for intense flavors.

In general, a lot of people like subtler meat than deep-flavored or gamey ones. So veal may be more popular than lamb. The popularity of lamb gets increased each day along the trend to seek out bold flavors.

Which is More Nutritious? Veal or Lamb

We can say that lamb is a little more nutritious than veal. Both have lower fat levels compared to beef and sheep. Lamb contains many vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin K, etc. It offers richer iron content than veal. The level of vitamin B12 is also higher in lamb.

Veal has more cholesterol compared to lamb, but less than beef. It has a higher amount of vitamin B6 and B5. It contains more phosphorus as well. An interesting fact is that veal is lower in saturated and overall fat content.


Veal comes from young cows or bulls, and lamb gets derived from younger sheep. Both types of meat have tender textures and milder flavor compared to beef and sheep. Veal has a delicate taste that doesn’t feel sharp like beef. Lamb meat is flavorful but less gamey compared to sheep.

People have different preferences when it comes to lamb and veal. Some people state that veal tastes better when some others vouch for lamb. Both are a hit among health nerds as they contain low fat than sheep and beef. Lamb is higher in nutrients compared with lamb.


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