Lobster vs Crab Taste: Do They Taste Similar or Different?

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Crab and lobster are part of the same sea family but aren’t entirely alike. That’s perhaps why you ask lobster vs. crab; which tastes better?

Crabs are decapods with short tails and a small-sized abdomen. Lobsters are large crustaceans, with ten legs and two large claws. Taste-wise, they’re both quite distinct from other types of seafood and taste mildly sweet. But, compared to lobsters, crabs have a more briny taste; whereas, texture-wise, lobsters have a harder consistency.

You may already be familiar with these generalities, so let’s dig a little deeper and find out which one is better in terms of flavor!

Does lobster taste similar to crab?

Crab and lobsters are believed to be similar in taste. As crustaceans, you may find resemblance in taste because of how sweet and distinct both taste from fish and other types of meat. But interestingly, they don’t taste exactly the same and any seafood lover can differentiate between the two!

While lobster meat is firm and sweet, crabmeat is tender, succulent, and salty-sweet. Crabs have a more saline taste, mixed with a hint of mineral sweetness. On the other hand, you’ll find lobsters as having a strong and sweet flavor. They have a rich and satisfying taste that’s less fishy than crabs.

Crab vs. lobster taste

Taste-wise, crabs have an oceanic flavor because of their salinity. But, this flavor is often followed by a mild, mineral sweetness, which makes the overall flavors appear supremely delicate. The flavorsome meat and smooth texture make it one of the most sought-after types of seafood. 

The flavor may vary depending on the species and size of the crab; but if you want the richest flavor, king crabs are the best of all crab options!

Crabmeat also has a flakier consistency; whereas lobsters have firm chunks of sweet-tasting meat. Therefore, you’ll find crabs featured as appetizers, while most restaurants serve lobsters as the main dishes.

Lobster meat has a firm and chewy texture, which holds together well. It has a succulent and mildly sweet flavor. The flavor isn’t as sweet as crabs, but it’s no less delicious. In fact, you can devour parts like roe and tomalley, which are some of the most rich-tasting parts of a lobster! But most people often reserve this delicacy for special occasions because of the price tag attached.

Overall, in the matter of crab vs. lobster taste, it comes down to what flavors you enjoy most! The similar flavor notes of these crustaceans often confuse several seafood eaters. But, if you’re interested in enjoying clean and delicate flavors, lobsters are the way to go! However, if you want to enjoy juicy and sweet-flavored meat, then crabs are your best choice. Keep in mind; some species of crabs have a briny flavor. Nonetheless, you’ll still find the same delicious taste and tender flesh.

Most people prefer lobsters over shrimp and crabs because of their exotic taste. But, for a perfect meal, it’s best to use both crabs and lobsters to get a truly luxurious and flavorsome experience. The unique flavors and pleasant aroma work well together and also help cut the cost. Although lobster adds plenty of flavors to a dish, it can be hefty on the pocket.

Is crab healthier than lobster?

Both crabs and lobsters are equally healthy foods. They contain plenty of protein, iron, vitamins, and other essential nutrients that promote anti-aging and digestion. Crabs contain beneficial properties like iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins that improve hair, skin and nail health.

Lobster meat is another rich source of vitamins and minerals that prevent cancer and simultaneously strengthen immunity. Eating lobster meat also has a positive effect on the functioning and growth of cells. Its healthy composition helps to maintain blood pressure, as well as to nourish the nervous system.

Which is stronger, lobster or crab?

In terms of build, crabs and lobsters are stronger than their size and have forceful grips. For example, lobsters can exert up to 100 lbs. of pressure through their claws, whereas some crabs have a grip of over 700 lbs. Both crustaceans develop muscle tissues as they move underwater; this is how they get the delicious taste and hearty meatiness in the claws. However, flavor-wise, lobsters have a stronger and richer flavor than crabs and other types of meat; crabs are mainly salty and slightly fishy in taste.


Lobsters and crabs are some of the most exotic and luxurious food choices, given their rich taste and pleasant aroma. Although they taste similar, they’re not exactly alike.

From the visual aspect, crabs and lobsters have little in common besides their front claws. However, in terms of taste, they share a similar flavor profile. Both crabs and lobsters have succulent flesh that is loaded with delicate flavors.

But, compared to crabmeat, the texture of lobster meat is quite firm and chewy and the flavors aren’t as strong as you’d expect. So, if we were to pick the tastier one, it’d have to be the crab! Crabmeat is tastier than lobsters because of its tenderer texture and briny-sweet flavors. Much of their meat is concentrated in their claws and legs, which have a refined and delicious taste.      

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