Duck vs. Chicken Taste: Do They Taste Similar or Different?

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Duck and chicken taste so distinct because they come from different birds. The duck holds a robust taste while the chicken is much neutral. One could say that these two types of meat stand on opposite sides about the depth of flavor.

We all know what chicken tastes like, and many of us might have tasted duck as well. The texture and feel of these meats are distinct. Doing a duck vs. chicken taste comparison is tricky as they are two different species.

Apart from their differences, chicken and duck are two well-likened poultry meat. We can compare them to see which one tastes better in this aspect.

Duck vs. Chicken Taste

We already saw that duck has a deep flavor compared with chicken, which is mellow. The chicken gets often termed as bland tasting. It also doesn’t contain any gamy taste. These facts about chicken make many food lovers go for duck meat. It offers an intriguing flavor experience that is gamier. At the same time, chicken is one of the most comforting tastes that people lean on.

Chicken and duck both have savory flavors. Duck has a much meaty taste to it compared with chicken. Both of them have certain sweetness as well. The fat content of the duck makes it juicier, tender, and moist. Chicken also possesses a good amount of fat and tastes delicious when roasted. But it cannot compete with the mesmerizing impact of the crispy, fatty duck roast.

Duck meat gets compared with red meat, owing to the depth of its flavor. This discrete flavor enables it to stand alone in dishes without any added spices. Duck tastes delectable even with spices like in many South-East Asian cuisines. Chicken is not as tender as the duck. Adding some spices and flavoring agents helps bring out the umami in the chicken.

Duck can taste bad if something goes wrong with the cooking method. The amount of fat calls for careful cooking to check it going distasteful. Chicken doesn’t give you any such difficulties. Nothing much goes wrong with it in terms of flavor, even when cooked by an amateur.

Duck meat can taste a little different depending on the breed used. Wild duck has a less fat content and a gamier flavor. Pekin duck is a well-loved breed by meat lovers. Different chicken breeds also show a slight variation in their taste. Free-range chicken and black chicken varieties are more flavorful with some gamey hints.

Nutritional Profile

Most people consider duck more nutritious than chicken. It stems from the lower calories and saturated fats it contains. Chicken also holds lots of health benefits and nutritional qualities, contrary to what many believe. 

Duck comes as a rich source of iron, a micro-element much required for our body. The dark-colored duck meat has a higher amount of myoglobin. It also contains more copper than chicken. This meat has a low level of sodium compared with duck. It can also ensure selenium and zinc in your diet. Take caution to consume duck moderately as it is fattier.

Chicken has a higher content of calcium compared with duck meat. Another plus of chicken is that it offers more magnesium and selenium. Higher saturated fat content and calories earn chicken some negative sentiments. But then, free ranged chicken and black chicken varieties have less fat than the broilers.

Which is better in Taste? Duck or Chicken

Chicken and duck have their unique flavors enjoyed by many. It is hard to pinpoint which tastes better due to their characteristic differences. The duck has a more robust flavor when the chicken offers something gentler.

As pointed out earlier, the duck has a sharp taste that even feels gamy. So you can say that someone who loves bold flavors would like this meat very well. Many other people opt for milder tastes like chicken. They might not get pleased by the enticing depth of duck flavor. It’s more suited for people who like to experiment a little more with flavors.

In conclusion, we can say that both duck and chicken offer delicious meat. Duck meat has a popular place among food enthusiasts as a delightful alternative. But the preference heavily depends on personal choices.


The flavor of duck and chicken represents two extremes even though both are poultry. Chicken tastes neutral and subtle whereas, duck is more flavorful. The lighter-tasting chicken also holds great savoriness. You can also feel sweet undertones lining the savory flavor of these birds. Duck has a meaty taste. But at the same time, it also holds a good amount of umami.

As duck and chicken have distinct flavors people have different opinions about which tastes better. Those who love subtle flavors will like chicken more than the duck. Duck is for people who love bold flavors. Both of these birds contain an impressive amount of nutritional benefits. But duck gets considered healthier than chicken due to lower calories and saturated fats.


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