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Most people find it difficult to tell the difference between the taste of crayfish and lobster. That’s because both crustaceans are quite similar looking. Both have an elongated body with an outer shell, front claws or pincers, and multiple legs.

Besides their appearance, crayfish and lobster also have quite similar taste, texture, and cooking styles. Unlike other types of seafood, these sea creatures have a very mild flavor and are non-fishy. However, you won’t find the taste to be exactly the same.

Read through the article to learn how to differentiate between crayfish and lobster taste. This guide will also help you understand which among the two is a better delicacy!

Crayfish vs. Lobster Taste

Crayfish and lobster are quite similar; in fact, at first glance, you may find it difficult to tell the two apart. That’s because they’re both decapods and bottom dwellers. Additionally, the taste and texture of crayfish and lobster are also pretty much equal.  

One difference between the crustaceans is that crayfish are smaller and may appear to be like baby lobsters. While you may lobsters as big as twenty inches; crayfish grow as long as six inches, on average. Therefore, you can harvest large chunks of meat from the lobster, which soak up flavors differently than the smaller tail bits.

Like lobster, crayfish also have different tasting body parts. For example, the legs, tail, and claws are the most decadent parts of the fish. But texturally, the claw has meat that is easy to mash; it crumbles easily. Tail meat, on the other hand, is quite dense and firm. It holds the shape easily. If I served you crayfish tail meat, you’d find it quite similar tasting to shrimp meat.

In terms of the eating experience, lobster is usually steamed, shells, and served with browned butter. On the contrary, crayfish are boiled whole, after which the head is separated from the tail. The head contains delicious juices, which most people like to suck before pealing and eating its head and tail.

Taste-wise, both lobster and crayfish have a non-fishy and mild flavor. The taste is best described as savory-sweet with subtle undertones of an ocean flavor.

Which is Tastier Lobster or Crawfish?

Taste-wise, lobsters have an intense flavor that is on the saline side. But, crayfish have a subtle and less salty taste; the actual flavor is a combination of shrimp, crab, and lobster meat. Texturally, crawfish meat is firm but usually less tough than lobsters.  

Although the taste of crayfish and lobster is quite similar, they’re prepared in slightly different ways. Lobster is typically steamed or boiled and served with butter; crayfish are usually served with a variety of spices and dips. Most people like to have crayfish with Cajun seasonings, with salad on the side.

So, even though there are slight differences in taste and appearance, crayfish is, hands down, a clear winner because of its mild taste and unique texture.

This distinctive flavor of crawfish makes it truly an enjoyable appetizer!     


Crayfish and lobster meat have a taste that is distinct from any other type of seafood. They have a sweet taste and are overall less saline; although they have mild hints of an ocean flavor. Moreover, like lobster, crayfish have a smooth texture and are soft to chew.

However, the taste of crayfish varies, depending on what part you’re eating. The flesh in the tail part is firm and dense. The claw meat is soft and falls apart easily. On the whole, the flavor of crayfish is more like a combination of lobster, shrimp, and crabmeat.

Overall, most people find the taste of crayfish to be superior to the lobster because of its unique and flavorful taste and meaty texture.

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  1. I grew up in Indiana we called them crawdads you can to the local creek and get a few of them and carry a few spices get a Bic lighter and roast them


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